sports bar vr

Idea Nailed But Execution Falls Short – Sports Bar VR Review

by Albert Perkinson October 26, 2016
Sports Bar VR has everything you’d expect when you go to a sports bar. Plenty of pool tables to play on, darts, skee balls to throw, air hockey to shoot on, heck even glass bottles to throw around if you’re that guy. It nails everything you’d expect when walking into a sports bar. However, it’s […]
PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Review – No Gimmick: PlayStation VR Is The Real Deal

by Albert Perkinson October 18, 2016
We’ve come a long way in the virtual world of technology.  Thinking back to the days of the Virtual Boy, there really hasn’t been a console device that has tested the waters since.  It’s been decades.  So not only should we give Sony Interactive Entertainment kudos for attempting to present us with a satisfactory device, […]
PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Release Date Approches But Is PSVR For You?

by Albert Perkinson October 5, 2016
We’re almost there! We are just one week (8 days as of writing) until the PlayStation VR Release Date. And while the reviews are starting to come in (look for ours soon), you still may not have a decision on if you want to purchase it or not. Well, we at Mammoth Gamers want to […]

PlayStation VR Games – GamesCenter Episode #4

by Albert Perkinson March 24, 2016
With the PlayStation VR headset now on the horizon, what PlayStation VR Games would be perfect for the new headset?  The GamesCenter crew had some great ideas for PlayStation VR Games and pitched their ideas to each other.  Tune in to find out what ideas they came up with and a whole a lot more […]

PlayStation VR Price And Release Window Announced

by Albert Perkinson March 15, 2016
Today during their press event, Sony officially announced the release window and price for the highly anticipated PlayStation VR.  The highly anticipated virtual device will be available later this year in October 2016 and the PlayStation VR price will be $399 USD. Andrew House, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment made the announcement […]

Games – VR – GamesCenter Episode #1

by Albert Perkinson February 12, 2016
Video games and Virtual Reality (VR) have always been synonymous with each other in terms of their technology, but is this the year we finally break through with PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift?  Does PlayStation VR, the Rift, Samsung VR, and other products have what it takes to convince people to take the plunge […]