Super Hot PSVR Review

by Mark Kriskaon July 21, 2017
Super Hot PSVR is a high stake puzzle shooter that makes you feel like you're in a AAA action movie. If you ever wanted to be Neo, here is your chance.

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy Review: A Cortex Vortex of Nostalgia

by Jason Arriolaon June 29, 2017
Vicarious Visions has taken the beloved Crash Bandicoot trilogy and breathed new life into these games. Crash is back and he looks better than ever!
until dawn playstation plus july

PlayStation Plus July 2017 Games List Features Until Dawn

by Alisa Hailon June 28, 2017
The wait is over! Sony has announced the July 2017 PlayStation Plus game lineup, and this one has enough thrills and chills to offset the summer heat. Fans of horror (as well as existential questions about the nature of destiny) will be delighted to learn that Until Dawn will be free for PlayStation 4 this […]

NHL 18

NHL 18 Cover Athlete And New Information

by David Bahleon June 23, 2017
The cover athlete as well as some brand new details for EA Sports NHL 18 were announced at the NHL award show Wednesday Night.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Announced At E3 2017

by David Bahleon June 14, 2017
Dragon Ball Fighter Z has been announced at E3 2017 and lets our favorite characters from the show fight it out for glory in one on one and team fights!
playstation e3

PlayStation E3 2017 Press Event: Three Forgotten Games

by Albert Perkinson June 13, 2017
The PlayStation E3 Press Event was held last night and while it dazzled from the start I can't help to think there were three top games missing.

Xbox Game Pass Has Been Announced

by Mark Kriskaon February 28, 2017
Xbox has announced a new game service that will be arriving this spring. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for $9.99 that is separate to Xbox LIVE Gold. This service is similar to PlayStation Now, with a few key differences. Xbox Gold members will have first access to the service when it launches this […]

New PlayStation VR Bundles Arriving This Month

by Brian Milleron February 1, 2017
The PlayStation VR bundles are finally back after a long hiatus!
Playstation Flash sale

PlayStation Flash Sale 1/21- 1/22

by David Bahleon January 22, 2017
The first Playstation Flash Sale has begun. Featuring many games under $5, some of which we highly recommend.

Worthy Download? – December Playstation Plus Edition

by Matthew McIntyreon December 16, 2016
Typically, when you download a game from PlayStation Plus, you have one of two responses: 1.) This game is complete garbage, and I cannot wait to delete it from my console. 2.) What a gem! If you’re like me, then you likely have had a few too many experiences like option #1. Sony offers numerous less […]