Revisiting Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow (3DS)

by Dan Spinaon February 29, 2016
I woke up Saturday morning, ready to catch ’em all. Two days and 20 hours later, I’m still at it! The Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow have completely derailed my gaming plans. I’ve put twice the amount of time into a 20 (18 for US fan) year old game than I […]

A New Pokemon Has Been Discovered

by David Bahleon February 10, 2016
According to Serebii, one of the leading Pokemon websites, the new Pokemon is called Pokemon is called Magiana (マギアナ) and was shown off in the latest issue of CoroCoro a Japanese monthly manga magazine. Serebii continues to say it is Man-Made Pokémon putting it into the same category as Mewtwo however no type has been […]