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Has Nintendo Found a New Handheld?

by Mark Kriskaon February 7, 2017
Nintendo has always dominated the handheld market, and with their smart phone plan it is no different. With the success of Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and the most recent Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo is not slowing down with the concept of a Nintendo Handheld. In a recent interview with the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimiahima […]
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Nintendo Switch News & Details Coming Next Month

by Ken Borteron December 16, 2016
Takashi Mochizuki announced some Nintendo Switch news on Twitter this past week regarding information on Nintendo’s latest console. The Nintendo Switch will be getting its very own press release on January 12th, 11p.m. ET.  It is said to be an incredibly detailed demonstration of the new console and will hopefully confirm some of the long awaited […]
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New Pokemon Added to Pokemon Go!

by Ken Borteron December 13, 2016
It looks like Pokemon Go might make a healthy comeback this winter in releasing of new Pokemon.  In an effort to get people back on the crazy train that was Pokemon Go, the popular mobile game has begun updating to Generation 2 Pokemon, slowly but surely.  With the addition of 9 confirmed new Pokemon, it […]

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Pokemon Sun and Moon to the Nintendo Switch?

by Ken Borteron November 18, 2016
It’s been reported that the Nintendo Switch will be getting it’s very own Pokemon game.  The now titled Pokemon Stars, is said to be an HD hybrid version of Pokemon Sun/Moon that is going to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  Sources at Eurogamer gained information from developer Gamefreak that Pokemon Stars was developed and created alongside Moon/Sun but they gave their attention […]
Catch Em' All On The Go - Pokémon Go Plus Announced

Catch Em’ All On The Go – Pokémon Go Plus Announced

by Jess Johnsonon September 8, 2016
The release date for the long awaited bluetooth accessory to Pokémon Go has a release date. Pokémon Go Plus will launch Sept 16th in some countries and will cost $34.99. The device will vibrate and flash notifying players when they are near a Pokéstop or when a Pokémon has appeared. Niantic announced the release date last night on […]

Niantic and the PR Blackhole

by Jess Johnsonon August 4, 2016
This weekend all players of Niantic’s mobile game Pokemon Go took to the internet to express their upset at the servers being down once more. While a hacker claimed it was his DDoS attack; it is more likely it was due to the fact that the game launched in the UK. Seasoned gamers expected a […]

Pokemon Go – Battling Mental Illness While Catching ‘Em All

by Jess Johnsonon July 14, 2016
Pokemon Go has been a big help to people suffering from mental illnesses from depression to PTSD. I have been battling low grade depression since I was in my early twenties. I stumbled a lot during those times; bouncing from prozac to zoloft which has been working great for me for many years. Most people […]
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Pokemon Go Has Hit 5 Million Downloads

by Brian Milleron July 12, 2016
It has been a full week since it launched, and Pokemon Go has hit 5 million downloads on Google Play in North America. Apple unfortunately isn’t very transparent about total downloads, so that information is not factored in as of yet. A market intelligence firm, Sensor Tower, has estimated that total downloads in the US […]
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Pokemon Go Update Released

by Albert Perkinson July 12, 2016
The first Pokemon Go update version 1.01 is now available and features an abundant amount of fixes and features including:  Trainers do not have enter their username and password repedly after a force logout  Stability to Pokemon Trainer Club account log-in process  Resolved issues causing crashes  Fixed Google account scope Pokemon Go has taken the […]

Pokémon GO – Review

by Mark Kriskaon July 12, 2016
First off, let me apologize for this review taking a few days to post. Most players who played day one can attest to the first few days of Pokémon GO being kinda rough. However with the online issues becoming less and less frequent I feel I can give an honest review of Pokémon’s first adventure […]