New PlayStation VR Bundles Arriving This Month

by Brian Milleron February 1, 2017
The PlayStation VR bundles are finally back after a long hiatus!
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Call of Duty VR game announced to be Free for all PS4 players

by Matthew Monnieon November 3, 2016
Previously free to all who buy Infinite Warfare, Activision has announced that the upcoming Call of Duty VR game will be free to all PS4 players.
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PlayStation VR Release Date Approches But Is PSVR For You?

by Albert Perkinson October 5, 2016
We’re almost there! We are just one week (8 days as of writing) until the PlayStation VR Release Date. And while the reviews are starting to come in (look for ours soon), you still may not have a decision on if you want to purchase it or not. Well, we at Mammoth Gamers want to […]

The ‘Next Gen’ In Gaming Is Dead – A Eulogy To Next Gen Gaming

by Mark Kriskaon September 7, 2016
This year marks a change in our industry and it’s leaving many gamers, including myself, feeling uneasy. Ever since the home console was introduced, gamers have had a very consistent ecosystem. A company will release their newest game system and this is what their future game releases will be played on. When the Super Nintendo was […]
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PlayStation E3 2016 Preview

by Mark Kriskaon June 7, 2016
The past few E3’s PlayStation has killed their conference.  With playful jabs at the competition, to seemingly knowing exactly what the gamers have been wanting for years.  We at Mammoth Gamers expect this year to be much of the same for PlayStation E3 2016. Sony has had one or two surprises at E3, such as No Man’s […]

The VR War – The Next War In Gaming

by Mark Kriskaon March 16, 2016
Last night,was a very big night for virtual reality gaming. Sony has revealed the price and launch window for PlayStation VR, and both are very promising. With both the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive having already revealed their price and both being received negatively, Sony had a lot to prove. Sony has been very […]

GDC 2016 – PlayStation VR’s Time To Shine

by Albert Perkinson March 14, 2016
GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) 2016 has finally arrived. The center focus on this year’s GDC is going to be virtual reality and how it’s being used in the industry. Sony, one of the major players is having a press event on the state and status of it’s PlayStation VR. All eyes will be on Sony […]

Google is entering the VR field

by David Bahleon February 12, 2016
Word came out on Sunday that Google was working on a new VR headset that is more than just a piece of cardboard. Google VR in the making? However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s up and coming device will be a standalone virtual reality headset. Meaning that it will not require a system, […]
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PlayStation VR Price Revealed?

by Albert Perkinson January 7, 2016
Update:  Sony has gotten back to the original writer of the Forbes article with the following statement:  “This was an error by Amazon, we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.” Has the PlayStation VR price been revealed?  Forbes writer Jason Evangelho stumbled on an Amazon Canada listing that may have given us an idea of what […]

How PlayStation VR Will Dominate Oculus Rift

by Mark Kriskaon January 7, 2016
Yesterday, Facebook owned game hardware company Oculus announced that their VR (Virtual Reality) headset was available for pre-order and would be $599. This high price may come as a bit of a shock to many gamers. We are still unsure the cost each headset is to make, or the exact profit Oculus will make even […]