Two Drink Minimum – POST END GAME SADS | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #25

by Two Drink Minimumon July 13, 2016
Having just finished Zero Time Dilemma, Gaming Mistress is sad and needs to vent while guiding a naked child through a dark and evil dungeon all while fighting off sleep. In other words, she’s playing Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, the challenge is Purity, and she’s sad that her game series is over. She also has a […]

Two Drink Minimum – FROM ONE DUNGEON… | Binding of Isaac: Rebirth #21

by Two Drink Minimumon May 20, 2016
Taking a break from Enter the Gungeon, Gaming Mistress returns to Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and the XXXXXXXXL challenge that she left off with! She can’t escape the darkness of these corridors but which is really better: playing as some doomed dungeoneer or as a naked crying child? Don’t answer that.  

Two Drink Minimum – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #20

by Two Drink Minimumon May 9, 2016
Yes, we’re late wishing that to all the Moms (and Dad Moms) out there, but we’re here this great Monday with your favorite (and ours too) matricide game, Binding of Issac: Afterbirth! Gaming Mistress takes on the XXXXXXXXL challenge where things get a bit crazy with how huge each floor is! There’s no escape from this labyrinth […]

Two Drink Minimum – STUPID BLUE HEARTS | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #19

by Two Drink Minimumon April 29, 2016
A good run turned bad because of too much health? Is that even possible? Of course it is because this is Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth and with Gaming Mistress at the controls, of course bad stuff is going to happen! Also, less than 36 hours left in our Final Fantasy XIV contest! If you haven’t entered, go do […]

Two Drink Minimum – POST PAX PLOP | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #18

by Two Drink Minimumon April 27, 2016
We are back from PAX East 2016 and Gaming Mistress is here with stories to share, mostly about the Final Fantasy XIV staff and the fun she had with them, all the amazing people she got to meet! Her ramblings get the better of her and she devolves into cursing at the game, as usual.   […]

Two Drink Minimum – THE HOST | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #17

by Two Drink Minimumon April 18, 2016
Stressed and the need to murder something rising, Gaming Mistress falls back to Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth with the “The Host” challenge! Now, Isaac may not look like the prettiest boy at the ball but he at least gets the job done with his starting items! Also check out our contest video here for a chance to […]

Two Drink Minimum – PAX PROBLEMS | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #16

by Two Drink Minimumon April 11, 2016
With PAX East 2016 in a week and a half, Gaming Mistress starts to seriously stress out about what needs to be done between now and then, all while attempting to die. We all know how well this goes. Maybe there will be a week where she doesn’t play Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. This is not […]

Two Drink Minimum – NERF BAT INC! | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #15

by Two Drink Minimumon April 8, 2016
First and foremost, Gaming Mistress had realized she’s been spelling Isaac wrong all this time. Secondly, yes, this is another Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth video but with an awesome beginning. It just shows how a little bit of luck with a few (or a lot) of drops can change the game! Toss the seed into your […]

Two Drink Minimum – NO JOKE HERE! | Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth #14

by Two Drink Minimumon April 1, 2016
No, no April Fool’s joke here, we promise. Just another episode of Binding of Issac: Afterbirth where Gaming Mistress takes on a new challenge: Speed! She quickly learn that the only joke that’s going to happen is how long she lives.    

Two Drink Minimum – LUCKY NUMBER | Binding of Issac: Afterbirth #13

by Two Drink Minimumon March 28, 2016
Three program crashes, two corrupt files, and a fricken Youtube upload error. Sounds like a bad 12 days of Christmas parody. Nope, just a normal Monday for us. Gaming Mistress sets her sighs on unlocking Judas. And how would she go about doing that? Why, by killing Satan of course!