Prey Review: Everything’s More Than Meets The Eye

by Dale Worrellon May 15, 2017
Our Prey Review is here - what did we think? Prey lives up to its ideals but has some issues that can be improved upon for a brighter future.

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Review

by David Bahleon March 17, 2017
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is the fourth entry into the Momodora series, and action packed 2D side-scrolling platformer from Playism.  It features dodge mechanics, tons of items, and some interesting combos.   The player takes control of Kaho, a priestess on a quest to stop a curse that has taken over the land. The first […]

Those Two Little Words: “Get Out” Movie Review

by Jess Johnsonon February 28, 2017
Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, and then boy has to meet girl’s parents. Now let’s add in the fact the boy in this tale is black and the girl is white. What starts out as a modern remake of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner takes a massively dark turn in the new film […]


Nioh (PS4) Review: The Samurai Game To Die For

by Dale Worrellon February 10, 2017
Nioh is a beautiful and dark game that manages to contest with the Dark Souls series for being one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences.

Historic Warfare – Battlefield 1 Review

by Carly Frithon November 1, 2016
I love a good first-person shooter but even I was getting tired of exosuits, jet packs, superhuman abilities, and booster rockets. I longed to go back to a more simpler game. DICE must have read my mind with Battlefield 1 because they delivered a gorgeous title that takes the player back to World War I; […]

ABZÛ – A Soulful Journey

by Carly Frithon August 10, 2016
The world of video games is as diverse as the people that play them. While many envision explosions and epic battles when they think of great games, that isn’t always how it plays out. Every once in awhile a game will sneak in, grab a hold of your imagination, and then take you on a […]

Excubitor Review [PC]

by LostPoetB24on June 16, 2016
Recently I was given the chance to check out a game title Excubitor, a bullet hell laced tower defense game. Excubitor was a unique experience that offered a fun ride with some minor annoyances from the start. Don’t let that stop you from checking out the unique title and supporting a great developer. As the […]

Overwatch Review

by Dan Spinaon June 3, 2016
Serving as Blizzard Entertainment’s first original IP in almost 2 decades, Overwatch is the newest entry in the small genre of hero-based shooters, previously dominated by Team Fortress 2. In Overwatch, you choose from 21 different heroes and join a team of six for objective-based multiplayer mayhem. With matches lasting ten minutes or less and […]

Life Goes On Done to Death [PS4 Review]

by LostPoetB24on May 17, 2016
Death, something we fear something we try not to run towards, if anything at all costs we try to stay far away from. When playing video games this is just as true, in the days past lives on games were precious. Even when you fast forward to today’s gaming worlds lives are something that we […]

MLB The Show 16 Review

by Dale Croweon April 7, 2016
The Show is back! With more customizations for players, game modes, playable players from the present and the past, and more! MLB The Show 16 does what it does every year, improve just about everything! Along with these improvements on what was established in last year’s game, there are brand new addition to this year’s […]