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Square Enix Montreal releases the GO Trilogy Stories – Episode One: Hitman GO

by TheHashtagoniston March 1, 2017
Today Square Enix Montreal released the first of three special celebratory pieces for all fans of the GO series.
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Marvel Entertainment And Square Enix Announce Multi-Game Project

by David Bahleon January 26, 2017
Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a multi-year partnership.

World of Final Fantasy Review

by Chris Webberon November 8, 2016
A majority of people who call themselves fans of the Final Fantasy series didn’t pledge their allegiance over the last 15 years. Sure, some did, but most fans were invested well before the death and reincarnation of the current MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14. Most have been around since before Lightning traveled through time to save […]

My Ideal Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by Dan Spinaon April 11, 2016
I know I’m not the only gamer who got excited when a remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced last year at E3. This was news that some of us had been waiting for since Square revived the brand with the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The film brought to life characters and a […]

Nicolas Cage set to be the voice actor for Final Fantasy XV

by Ken Borteron April 1, 2016
In a move that seems odd, Square Enix announced that actor Nicolas Cage will be doing a series of voices for their newest installment of their Final Fantasy Series.  Set to release in North America in late September, Final Fantasy XV is set in modern day Earth where there are teams of monsters, bad guys […]

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are Adding More, Just Cause 3

by Mark Kriskaon February 18, 2016
Square Enix has been kind enough to show off just what payers can expect in the first expansion from the Air, Land, and Sea pass for Just Cause 3. The first add-on dealing with Air will be titled Sky Fortress and is set to release this March and will be adding to the explosive fun. With a new […]

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 and 3 details emerge

by David Bahleon September 10, 2015
A Linkedin profile for a Square Enix developer has leaked some possible information regarding the game, and the existance of Kingdom Hearts 2.9, which briefly appeared on an official schedule page during the 2015 E3 convention. This is the quoted information from LinkedIn Game Designer Square Enix August 2014 – June 2015(11 months) | Osaka, […]