Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Review: Doing Justice To DC’s Finest

by Jason Arriolaon May 19, 2017
It’s no surprise that Injustice 2 impresses along with its robust cast of characters from the DC Comics pantheon. Read our review for all the details!

DC Characters – New Cast Members Named

by Jess Johnsonon July 4, 2016
Happy July everyone! For us geeks summertime is Convention Season and with it also comes news of what to expect for the next season of the DC TV shows. Let’s take a look at what we know so far as far as new DC Characters castings!   SuperGirl: SuperGirl was saved by the fans that love […]

Supergirl Recap: Better Angels

by Jess Johnsonon April 19, 2016
Picking up where the last episode left off it’s time for some girl on girl action. Kara still doesn’t want to fight Alex who is packing kryptonite. Kara attempts to get Alex to snap out of it but it takes Hank bringing in Mama Danvers to snap Alex out of it. One problem down now […]


SuperGirl Recap – Myriad

by Jess Johnsonon April 15, 2016
Just when SuperGirl was going to get her man he up and walks out on her. Well not by his choice, Myriad was activated and now all the masses except Kara are marching to Non’s tune. After stopping the containment breach Kara heads to the fortress of solitude to get some answers about Myriad. Using […]

Supergirl Recap: Worlds Finest

by Jess Johnsonon April 4, 2016
I am really loving all the cross overs that have been happening recently. Arrow and Flash, Flash and Arrow, Arrow and Vixen, Arrow and Constantine (I really hope we seem more of Matt Ryan as the hell blazer). The writers have been on the ball about keeping everything fluid and awesome, each time the heroes […]