Ubisoft E3 2016 Recap

by Mark Kriskaon June 14, 2016
This year Ubisoft was the only publisher to have a E3 Press Conference, however it doesn’t look like it changed much of what they announce. There were no new jaw dropping moments, however Ubisoft did have a few new IP’s that weren’t leaked.  Let’s take a look at them all. Just Dance 2016 No surprise […]

The Division Review

by Dan Spinaon March 17, 2016
Jumping into The Division for the first time is both a fun experience and a difficult one to define. By sharing traits with some of gamings’ top franchises and genres, how you define The Division often depends on what you’re doing that day. Is it a loot-fest co-op shooter? Maybe it’s an MMO. Or perhaps […]

The Division Xbox One Exclusive Content

by Dan Spinaon March 7, 2016
Today, Ubisoft revealed more details about their upcoming expansions for The Division along with how long Xbox One users will have this content exclusively. Writing on the Ubisoft Blog, this announcement revealed that Xbox One users would receive the paid expansion content for 30-days exclusively, over other systems. The first 2 of three total expansions […]

The Division Launch Trailer Is Here

by Albert Perkinson March 1, 2016
It’s almost time.  The Division is launching next week on March 8th, and to build the hype even further, Ubisoft has just released The Division Launch Trailer for the game which can be viewed below.  The Division launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam next week.  Are you ready for The Division?

The Division PC Trailer 60 FPS

by Albert Perkinson February 24, 2016
After an unprecedented success of the beta this past weekend, The Division is riding a wave of momentum and today the team has just released a new trailer that features gameplay from the PC version at 60 frames per second. The Division PC Gameplay Trailer also shows off some fantastic graphics including fog, weather particles, […]

The Division Open Beta: Then & Now

by Albert Perkinson February 23, 2016
The Division Open Beta: Then & Now – a look back at how Ubisoft’s RPG/shooter all began. The year was 2013 and it was to be a big year for Ubisoft. Watch Dogs was in development and had high hopes. But Ubisoft had another game on the horizon as well that had big potential too. […]