video game burnout

Identifying and Dealing with Video Game Burnout

by Rich Casselon June 21, 2017
Many gamers use video games as a method of relaxation and stress relief, so why do some of us experience burnout from what should be fun?
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The ill Popcorn Podcast Episode 20: Paxt

by Jennifer Rebeccaon September 14, 2016
Welcome to the newest episode of The ill Popcorn Podcast! After a rather glorious week in Seattle WA for PAX West (you’ll always be Prime in my heart!) we’re back to bring you news and our typical ridiculousness. Afraid to listen in? Well, here’s a brief summary… Sony shoots itself in the foot, Seattle’s beer is bad, […]

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks

by Brian Milleron July 6, 2016
I love video games. And I love music. When those two things come together perfectly, it makes a significant impact on my final impressions of a game. There are plenty of examples of games I have played that would not have been nearly as exciting or enthralling if it weren’t for their music, and I […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 11

by Brian Milleron July 4, 2016
We are down to the last day of deals, as the Steam Summer Sale day 11 arrives. The “featured” section of Steam’s front page appears to be fixed until the end of the sale, leaving us with the same list of games as day 10. Instead of repeating entries from previous write-ups, I will take […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 10

by Brian Milleron July 3, 2016
There are only two days left to shrink that wish list down, as Steam Summer Sale day 10 is here. There are a plethora of highlighted deals on the front page today, with many returning from previous days. Given the large number of repeated titles, we will be focusing on those that have not yet […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 8

by Brian Milleron July 1, 2016
There are only four days of deals remaining, as Steam Summer Sale Day 8 arrives. All of the games that we pull from the featured section of Steam’s front page will remain at their discounted prices until the sale ends on July 4th, along with every other title currently discounted. Today, we have topical drug […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 6

by Brian Milleron June 29, 2016
Here we are, over the hump and past the halfway point, as Steam Summer Sale day 6 arrives. Each day of the sale, deals are featured on the front page of steam, and we post recommendations from that list to give our readers purchasing ideas. Today is a little light compared to previous days, but […]

Steam Summer Sale: Day Two

by Brian Milleron June 24, 2016
It’s day two of the Steam Summer Sale 2016, and the deals are as “refreshing” as day one. If you missed the first day of the sale, worry not! All of the games on sale will remain at their discounted prices until the sale ends on July 4th. Each day of the sale we will […]

Indie Games You Aren’t Playing, But Should Be [Week 2]

by Jess Johnsonon April 7, 2016
Here we are again with another round of Indie Games you aren’t playing, but should be. Without further ado let’s meet the games: Broforce (PS4/PC/Steam/OSX/Linux) Do you long for the good old days of button mashing games like Contra? Do you miss the golden age of steroid infused, oil covered action heroes? Check out Broforce, […]

Indie Games You Aren’t Playing But Should Be

by Jess Johnsonon March 31, 2016
Indie Games are everywhere you look and when competing against mainstream games, these titles often get thrown by the way side.  Here are a few titles to check out: Slime Rancher (Steam/PC) Futuristic world? Check. Kickass vacuum gun? Check! Jetpack? Check! Totally adorable slimes to catch and profit from their poo? CHECK! Created by Monomi […]