Opinion: Virtual Reality Isn’t Worth More Than $250

by David Bahleon March 29, 2016
To me the $400, $600, $800 price points of the Virtual Reality headsets are close to double of what they really should be. You can argue that it is to cover the cost of the equipment involved, the fact that is it the newest and greatest tech. In my opinion, as someone who hasn’t tried […]

HTC Vive: Pre Orders and Pricing

by David Bahleon February 22, 2016
Over the weekend HTC has officially announced the Vive, the Steam VR. Starting on Monday 2/29 at 10 A.M Eastern Standard Time pre-orders will open worldwide with pre-order fulfillment and full commercial availability starting early April 2016. The Vive will ship with a full kit, allowing for 2 controller interface with full 360 degree tracking. The consumer […]

Games – VR – GamesCenter Episode #1

by Albert Perkinson February 12, 2016
Video games and Virtual Reality (VR) have always been synonymous with each other in terms of their technology, but is this the year we finally break through with PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift?  Does PlayStation VR, the Rift, Samsung VR, and other products have what it takes to convince people to take the plunge […]

Microsoft Needs To Skip VR And Stick To The HoloLens

by David Bahleon January 29, 2016
With companies such as Facebook, Sony, and HTC launching their own Virtual Reality devices in the foreseeable future, Microsoft has held off on the fad.  Instead going with what could be the next step in technology, real holograms.  I speak of course with the HoloLens, a device that instead of replacing reality, simply enhances your […]

PlayStation VR – Greatness Awaits Or Is Failure Inevitable?

by Albert Perkinson January 28, 2016
A new revolution has begun. What started as a gimmick has now become the most anticipated accessory/peripheral in years. Of course, I’m talking about the re-birth of Virtual Reality. And Sony has placed themselves right in the middle of this revolution with their new and upcoming peripheral – PlayStation VR. The accessory looks promising and exciting […]

How PlayStation VR Will Dominate Oculus Rift

by Mark Kriskaon January 7, 2016
Yesterday, Facebook owned game hardware company Oculus announced that their VR (Virtual Reality) headset was available for pre-order and would be $599. This high price may come as a bit of a shock to many gamers. We are still unsure the cost each headset is to make, or the exact profit Oculus will make even […]

PlayStation VR

Why VR Is Here To Stay

by Mark Kriskaon January 5, 2016
On my way to PlayStation Experience, I was excited for many things: new game announcements, rubbing elbows with the top names in the industry, and playing all the games I wouldn’t have access to for months or maybe years later. Conclusively, I can honestly say that PlayStation VR was the most impressive exhibit on the […]