The Walking Dead Should Just Die Already

by Ken Borteron March 30, 2017
I know.  This is going to be a tough journey for some people, myself included.  I honestly never thought way back 7 years ago, when AMC’s hit tv show The Walking Dead started, I would be sitting here writing about how it needs to end.  The first episodes were raw, gritty, filled with blood and […]

The Walking Dead Premiere Hits The Mark

by Ken Borteron October 24, 2016
    Spoiler Alert:  If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead yet, and I suggest you do, this contains spoilers.  Like a lot of them, so don’t read on if you care.   Before I begin, I would like to say that I am an avid fan of the comic books and I hated the way […]

Walking Dead Episode 12 Preview

by Ken Borteron March 1, 2015
WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!!   The Walking Dead has become a phenomenon that has reached epic proportions over the past 5 years.  The term “walker” has become regular vocabulary to millions of Americans who invite Rick and the gang into their living rooms on Sunday night.  Each week, I eagerly wait for 9 o’clock to hit […]