The Walking Dead A New Frontier

The Walking Dead A New Frontier – 2 Part Pilot Coming

by Matthew Monnieon December 2, 2016
At the Game Awards, Telltale revealed that the upcoming Walking Dead Season 3 will see a 2 part opening episode, which will release together on December 20th.  The extended first episode trailer, shown below, reveals the return of Clementine, and the new character Javier. Telltale also revealed  that season 3 will serve as both a […]
The walking Dead

NYCC 2016 – Telltale Walking Dead and March to War Details

by Dan Spinaon October 10, 2016
Creators from Skybound Games took the Live Stage at New York Comic Con today to discuss upcoming projects from Skybound Entertainment including the new entry in The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series. To begin with more details were given on the upcoming mobile game, The Walking Dead: March to War. Arriving on iOS and Android […]

Geeked In 2: I want to Fear the Walking Dead

by David Bahleon September 14, 2015
Allow me to state that I am a HUGE zombie fan, I am staring at a Tank Zombie bust right now, and have a copy of the Zombie Survival guide on the bookshelves behind me.  I have watched every episode of the Walking Dead, and Talking Dead multiple times and it pains me to be […]

Opinion: Fear the Walking Dead gets one more week

by David Bahleon August 31, 2015
With the second episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead under the rug, I have to ask, really? What the heck.  Allow me to start off by saying that I am the world’s largest Walking Dead and Zombie fan. World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide, you name it.  Tank Zombie is staring at me as […]