Scorpio Is Not The New Norm

by Mark Kriskaon November 1, 2016
Many gamers have been trying to predict the future of consoles ever since PS4 Pro was leaked as The Neo and Microsoft formally revealed the Scorpio. Many, (including myself) thought the game console would start to resemble mobile phone market. This is where every two years or so Microsoft and Sony would release a slightly […]

The ‘Next Gen’ In Gaming Is Dead – A Eulogy To Next Gen Gaming

by Mark Kriskaon September 7, 2016
This year marks a change in our industry and it’s leaving many gamers, including myself, feeling uneasy. Ever since the home console was introduced, gamers have had a very consistent ecosystem. A company will release their newest game system and this is what their future game releases will be played on. When the Super Nintendo was […]

Metrico+ Review

by Mark Kriskaon August 22, 2016
The Metrico+ puzzles are like none I have played before. From ascetic to game play, this puzzle game will have you stumped as well as awestruck. At a glance Metrico+ looks like a standard 2D side scroller; however, the first puzzle you encounter kills that assumption. When the game starts, you are introduced to your […]

Destiny: Rise of Iron

by Mark Kriskaon June 11, 2016
With weeks of leaks and speculation Bungie has finally officially revealed the next great step in Destiny. During a live stream on June 9th, 2016 Bungie revealed the new expansion. The streamed kicked off with an exciting new cinematic introduction (which you can view at the bottom of the article) revolving around Lord Saladin who […]

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are Adding More, Just Cause 3

by Mark Kriskaon February 18, 2016
Square Enix has been kind enough to show off just what payers can expect in the first expansion from the Air, Land, and Sea pass for Just Cause 3. The first add-on dealing with Air will be titled Sky Fortress and is set to release this March and will be adding to the explosive fun. With a new […]

Siegecraft Commander Releasing Q2 2016

by Mark Kriskaon February 16, 2016
Today Blowfish Studios gave its fans an update on their new game Siegecraft Commander. Siegecraft Commander is a real time strategy game that puts you against other players with your goal being to defend your Keep while also taking down your enemies Keep. The game will be coming to Xbox One and Windows in the Q2 […]

Take My Money; PSN/XBLA Store Update

by Mark Kriskaon August 12, 2015
It’s a new week and that means new content releasing into the gaming world.  This week there are some exciteing titles, so lets dive in. *Will be covering only game and major add-on content. Italic and Red text represents sales. PlayStation: Prototype (PS4) – $29.99 Prototype 2 (PS4) – $39.99 XBlaze Lost: Memories (PS3, PS Vita) – […]

Gamescom 2015 – Xbox Details Backwards Capability for Xbox One

by Mark Kriskaon August 4, 2015
Only a few months ago, at E3 2015, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be receiving backwards capability at some point this year.  Today we found out just how long we have to wait.  During the Xbox conference at the Gamescom briefing in Cologne, Germany today, Microsoft announced backwards compatibility will be coming for […]