Has Nintendo Gone Too far?

by Jess Johnsonon May 24, 2016
  Nintendo has been a staple of gaming for over a decade. A company that began as a playing card business; expanded into the realm of video games that turned their characters into popular icons. Nintendo have fallen under some scrutiny with YouTubers as of late. It isn’t because of the amazing and wonderful games they have released […]

Two Drink Minimum – THE CAT CAME BACK | Catlateral Damage #1

by Two Drink Minimumon April 15, 2016
Gaming Mistress takes a few swipes at some breakable things and objects that make amazing noises when they hit the ground in Catlateral Damage! Despite her not playing Binding of Isaac, someone still makes a special appearance in this video! It’s like we can’t escape it!    

Two Drink Minimum – YOUTUBE ONE YEAR!

by Two Drink Minimumon April 12, 2016
We’ve been doing Two Drink Minimum for nearly 3 years but Youtube for only a year and it has been amazing! Thank you all for those who has tuned in, joined us in our antics, and had a few drinks with us. Here’s to hoping that this next year is just as good!

Jimmy Kimmel takes on the gaming community

by David Bahleon September 2, 2015
Late last week Jimmy Kimmel ran a skit on his show making fun of gamers.  More so, how gamers use services like Twitch, and Youtube to watch video games be played. He also goes on to say that parents have failed because this has become a thing.  His original video is in the top 150 most […]

YouTube Gaming Launches With Mobile App

by Albert Perkinson August 26, 2015
Google has officially launched their streaming companion website aimed specifically for gamers. YouTube Gaming, a subsidiary of YouTube launched today with companion apps available for Android on the Google Play Store and on iOS on the App Store respectively.  YouTube Gaming promises to stream gaming channels everywhere giving users an additional outlet aside from the […]