Anti-Social Becomes Social With ZergID

Anti-Social Becomes Social With ZergID
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Imagine if you would standing in the middle of a crowded room where no one knows you but every one is there for the same reason. Hours pass as you stand waiting for anyone to hint they want to talk. Soon there are over a thousand more people still you are a solitary force. Wouldn’t you feel a bit awkward trying to find people with common interests? Trying to connect to another person that has the same ideals and skills as you would be almost impossible. Now imagine if you would a way to automatically connect to the people with no fuss. Common groups could find you or you them with a click of the button. No longer would you have to fumble around shrouded by the shyness.

When trying to find a group to meld with as a video game player nothing is more frustrating than being a lone wolf. Playing MMO style games you are often left as a lone wolf or matched with random people you may not meld with. Not only does it break the flow of your natural playing style it makes the game almost unbearable. Living in an area with few gamers that actually game together I can attest to the sad state you run into when you can’t find a group to run with on your favorite game. Sure there is facebook and social media now that you can find groups of gamers with similar interests but it is random at times.


Video game players rejoice no longer will you be left to fend off an onslaught of enemies alone. No longer do you have to “Leroy Jenkins” a dungeon because your other partners have fallen by the wayside. Teaming up with other users is as easy as using a new social network site called ZergID. If you haven’t yet come across the site I implore you to go take a gander at what the service offers. Not only can you find other players in a multitude of titles but you can set events. Users who are interested can then jump into the fray and join the same event which in turn is placed on a nice calendar for your convenience.

ZergID’s public event management system simplifies the process. All the
information about in-game characters and the tools to communicate with
other gamers is in one centralized online location. If a ZergID member
would like to participate in an event with people they aren’t already
connected with, they can post the public event link anywhere online and
anyone with ZergID account and a character in that game can apply to


Now your favorite game that requires you to group up has gained a new level of access thanks to the power of ZergID! When creating public events persons with large followings can make it easy for the collective to find said event. Most recently a popular Twitch streamer did just that, as he used ZergID so his fanbase could be a part of the event. Even in the alpha fase over 9,000 users signed on for the event. It was a great way for said streamer and viewers to connect and not have to go about trying to find the best way to do that. (It is over 9,000 sorry I had to include it at least once)


“We created ZergID to help the MMO community thrive and connect,”

Alex Albrecht, co-founder, Zerg, Inc. says.

“With the addition of the new public event management system, it is easier than ever for MMO players to reach out to a broader group of gamers.”

ZergID has also added several other new features, including chat functionality, report and block features, the ability to customize notifications and brand new apps for Android and iOS that allow users to post on the go.

Though the service is only in Beta currently many of the features are very well thought out and implemented. Never has finding a group to take on a game been so simplified as all tools are in one place. Networking, management and all the features you could want are at reach. So stop reading now and go sign up at http://www.zergid.com/