PAX East 2015: A Mammoth Hands On with Gigantic

PAX East 2015: A Mammoth Hands On with Gigantic
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One of the biggest games of PAX East, and PAX South for that matter, would have to be Motiga’s Gigantic. I had the pleasure of playing this game at both events and am very excited for it. Currently in early Alpha, Gigantic is shaping up to be a unique take on the MOBA genre. Now it almost seems like every company has got, or is working on, their own MOBA. It’s the hot property right now. Everyone is familiar with Riot’s League of Legends and Valve’s DOTA 2, but there is a new breed of MOBA on the scene. Some of you may be familiar with Hi Rez’s Smite which is played from a third-person over the shoulder viewpoint. Gigantic is closest to Smite when it comes to the sub-species of MOBA, yet there are still some differences to make Gigantic its own animal.

All MOBAs tend to follow the same sort of formula; 5v5 brawling, free-to-play, a large number of characters (heroes, gods, etc) to choose from, and a variety of abilities and weapons that can be used to create certain “builds” to reflect a specific style of play. Then comes Gigantic.

Gigantic takes these staples of the classic MOBA and adds its own little spin. In the typical game, each team has their own base. The ultimate goal is to destroy the one belonging to the opposing team. Things go one step further in Gigantic, where each team also has a gigantic (get it?) monster. To make things even better, the monsters are not set in one place, they can wander around the battlefield causing trouble and wreaking havoc all around them. A team loses when their monster is destroyed.

Even if you don’t play MOBA-type games, there is a character for you in Gigantic. The characters are designed so that they all appeal to different gaming genres. If you normally play as a tank, there are tank like characters. Prefer sniping, they’ve got that too. No matter what you play there is a character for you. The roster currently includes 16 characters with more to be added, 7 more are currently in the works.

  • Tyto The Swift – Reflexes and finesse
  • The Margrave – Unstoppable Tank
  • Imani – Sneaky Sniper
  • Roland – Bounty Hunter
  • Xenobia – Curses and Control
  • Uncle Sven – Chemistry and Chaos
  • Tripp – Speed and Stealth
  • Lord Knossos – Offensive Powerhouse
  • Charnok – Draconic Sorcerer
  • HK-206 – Armed and Armored
  • Voden – Mobility and Trickery
  • Vadasi – Divine Healer
  • Griselma – Wise Summoner
  • Mozo – Mischievous Magician
  • Wu – Martial Artist
  • Aisling – Young Warrior

The game controls are pretty much what you would expect for a PC game, WASD for movement, space bar to jump, and your attacks come from right and left mouse clicks. The community coaches that were there for my PAX East hands-on were ridiculously helpful. They help you find a character that you can play based upon types of games that you normally play. I chose to play as Mozo, an adorable little magician with a ton of wands. She is a ranged hero and has the ability to teleport out of danger, which is something that I needed to do quite often.

 Mozo, The Mischievous Magician

Mozo, The Mischievous Magician

The game got off to a bit of a rocky start. Probably because none of us had really played before (that’s the excuse I’m using and sticking with!). But nonetheless the game and graphics were great. You would not believe that this was an alpha build. The gameplay was rather seamless and the graphics were extraordinary. Everything has this great cartoony feel to it. There are currently two maps to play on, Canyon and Mistforge. The map that I played on was the Canyon. To start the game, your character gets launched off a cliff into a long ravine with a Guardian at each end. There are crevices and cliffs all around you so you can get a different vantage point to help plan your attack strategy. At first It took a little bit for our group to get their groove together to make a coordinated attack, but again, the community coaches were there to help out. As you level, you have options to help build out your characters and my coach was there to assist in the best build. My team went head to head with the other team as we were both evenly matched and there was no blowout, ultimately my team lost but it was immense fun the whole time.

Gigantic doesn’t have a precise launch date other than Fall 2015 and will be available on Xbox One and as a Windows 10 launch title.