Mammoth Gamers – Join Our Team!

Mammoth Gamers – Join Our Team!
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The Mammoth Gamers team knows that there are more to our readers than what console they play on. While we are a website dedicated to gamers who GEEK BIG, we strive to cover more than just video games. We consider ourselves to be an open outlet, welcoming writers and contributors of all interests and skill levels a place to post their works in whatever capacity they choose. We don’t just want our site to succeed, we want to help our team members meet their goals as individuals too!

Mammoth Gamers is seeking VOLUNTEER writers and content creators to cover news articles, press releases, reviews, editorials, opinion pieces and original works. This is an unpaid position with no promise of compensation at this time.


Do you work well on a schedule? Apply for full time or part time!

Do you have ideas at random intervals? Apply as a freelance contributor!

Do you want to share your work, but don’t know where you’d fit in? Email us!


Video Games




Board Games

Geek Lifestyle

COMPENSATION: This is a volunteer position with no promise of compensation.  We’re a good fit if you’re looking to add to your resume, write for fun,  or get your feet wet in the world of online journalism. We are not a good fit if you believe that writing for a gaming website means you will soon be swimming in free swag and AAA titles. We know your pain, we wish it was a thing too.

APPLICATION: Please email inquiries to Albert@MammothGamers.comLaura@MammothGamers.com & Jenn@MammothGamers.com

Tell us who you are and what you’ve done!

Include TWO writing samples! They can be from anything and do not need to focus on any of the topics we listed.

What would you like to do here at Mammoth Gamers?

What topics do you consider yourself to be well versed in?

What are your personal goals?

Have you worked with WordPress before?

What is your availability?

Please understand that it’ll take us time to go through all interested applications. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us right away!

– Mammoth Gamers Team