Top 5 Greatest Halo Weapons of All Time

Top 5 Greatest Halo Weapons of All Time
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With the release of Halo 5 behind us, and multiple years of what seems to be good multiplayer ahead of us, it is time we take a look back at what we had. A look back at what got us to this point as another chapter begins.  Join me, as I start the great journey into the greatest Halo weapons of all time.

Honorable Mentions: The Cone(Because obviously), Plasma Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle.


5)  The Needler: 


The Needler has made the top 5 list because of how annoying it is, as well as how powerful it is.  With tracking needles, you do not even have to be on target to score a kill.  It is the ultimate spray and pray weapon.  That is why it is here.

4) The Flag:.


Yes, the flag made my list.  Because what is more demoralizing than being killed by an object that you are suppose to run away with, or retrieve it.  The flag is a key aspect of Halo, and of any multiplayer game for the most part.

3) Sword


The sword is yet another iconic weapon of the Halo franchise, and is one of the most fun to use.  Admit it, you enjoy flying around the map swinging at people.  Also, who never sword canceled to get out of the Halo 2 maps.

2) The Battle Rifle


The number two spot has to go to the Battle Rifle.  This weapon changed Halo.  No weapon has been as well rounded as the Battle Rifle.  This has been the staple of competitive Halo since the start of Halo 2, and seems to be back stronger than ever in Halo 5.

1) The Halo CE  Magnum:


Also known as the  M6D Personal Defense Weapon System, the Halo CE Magnum is the gun that started it all.  This gun had to be number one for many reasons.  First and fore most, besides the fact that is completely over powered, this gun carved the way for competitive gaming for consoles, in a way nothing else could.  Sure there was Quake on PC, but Xbox had Halo.  With its long range, and a scope.  No gun on Xbox could touch this.

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