Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review
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Reviewed on PSVita*

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth has finally been brought to the west from Japan. Releasing on PSVita and having a remastered physical and digital version on PS4, the game now features cross-saves and sharper looking visuals on PS4, although the PS4 version seems to plagued with a few bugs that the handheld counter part does not to have. Even though Digimon is not perfect, this is a game any monster hunting RPG fan should own.

7857ca_5e4b1131713844898da14c203b3d939cDigimon follows a story involving a protagonist, of your choice of gender and name, who falls into a mysterious illness called EDEN syndrome. EDEN syndrome is a potential side effect of the digital world EDEN, which is in-between the real world and the Digital World. Your character is the latest victim of this illness. However, you don’t have a normal case of the sickness. Without risking too much of the story, your tasked with waking your body back up from the coma like state all with the help of a digital detective, a Cyber Sleuth. As you investigate what happened to your body you encounter Digimon along what way. These Digimon will attack you and you will need a strong party to defeat them. As you encounter these wild Digimon your Digivice will obtain a small partition of data. When you see a Digimon, enough your data will hit 100% and a quick trip to the Digicenter will give allow to create that Digimon for you party. The more Digimon you have the better suited for any situation you will be. Like Pokemon and the Pokedex a side goal is to obtain all the Digimon to complete your Field Guide so getting as many Digimon to 100% scan is highly advised. Also like Pokemon there is the ability to evolve you Digimon, however, with Digimon its a bit more in depth then hitting the right level.


If you are a fan of Digimon you know Digimon can Digivolve and De-digivolve. A Digimon has potentially endless power and this game show that beautifully. The presses of Digivolving can be hard to understand at times. Nevertheless, when mastered you feel involved in this process and it adds endless hours to the game. Every form of Digimon has a max level from Training I, Training II, Rookie, Champion, and so on. You do not need to be max level to Digivolve, but you need the right specifications. For example Agumon; Agumon is a fan favorite who can Digivolve past Mega under the right situations. For Agumon to just Digivolve into Graymon can be a struggle. To get to Graymon your Agumon needs to be level sixteen, his attack needs to be at least 55, and his CAM needs to be at least 55%. Now CAM is a stat that can be raised from battles, or from having your Digimon eat in the Digifarm in the Digicenter. The DigiFarm’s is like a combination of PC boxes and Breeders in Pokemon. At times your max level might be lower then what you need to Digivolve into the next level, in these cases you need to De-Digivolve. By De-Digivolveing Agumon you can raise the Training II Digimon’s (Koromon) level higher then you could before you Digivolved them to Agumon. That will translate into a larger max level for every Digimon after, as long as you always level to max level. This process sounds more complicated than it is and after a few attempts at Digivolving you will get the hang of it.


Digimon Story is a beautiful game, with specific animations for every Digimon, as well as very short load times on Vita and almost no load times on PS4. You never feel like you’re in any one place for too long before the game has you moving on to something new. However Digimon still has some problems. Digimon Story does not do a great job of telling you where to go next. I enjoy games that don’t hold your hand through the game, although when you may want to focus on side quests or training your Digimon getting back into the story may be a hassle. There were a few times I needed to look at a guide to figure out where I needed to go next. This is, fortunately, my largest complaint about the game.



Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is some of the most fun I have had on Vita in a long time, if not ever. From huge worlds and endless Digimon to a rich and rewarding story that takes place inside the Digi-World. With the only set back involving clear direction of objectives. Regardless of if you pick it up on Vita for $39.99 or PS4 for $59.99, and you are either a Digimon fan looking for an amazing game or a Pokemon fan looking for en experience similar on another system you will not be disappointed.

Things we liked

+ Massive Story and world

+In-depth Digivolution process, and ability to obtain any Digimon


Things we disliked

-Lack of direction

-Small bugs on PS4

Score 9/10

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