Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review (Spoiler Free)

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review (Spoiler Free)
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Batman has created a legacy of being one of, if not the, darkest hero and this doesn’t change in his newest movie – Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice where he takes on Superman himself. Now we must forget everything we know from all the previous DC movies and only pay attention to one, The Man of Steel. The events of this movie have affected the entire DCU (DC Universe) and have acted as a spring board into the future of this new Justice League.


Many people going into this movie will be hard pressed to not compare it to the very successful and established MCU (Marvel Cinamatic Universe). I believe this is an unfair comparison. The MCU has been established for the past few years and is growing at a rapid rate with TV shows, Netflix, and movies. DCU is quite new and is a very different beast. DC is trying to replicate Marvel’s success while also not following their footsteps. This is not only risky, but brave. If DC tried to copy Marvel they would only be met with backlash but instead they are creating a new path and their way of doing it will allow both Marvel and DC to share the silver screen.


BvS is a dark and fantastic story, with many elements coming straight from the graphic novels themselves. Frank Miller’s, “The Dark Knight Returns” story of Batman is heavily referenced in this movie, with the age of Bruce Wayne, the Batcrest on his chest, and Bat Armor all being ripped straight from the pages of the comic. This is where the movie, and Zach Snyder excel. The whole picture feels like a living graphic novel, much like his Watchmen and 300 movies were. Where the movie falls flat at times are the character motivations. Each part was beautifully casted and preformed, from Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor to Ben Affleck’s amazing portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman. However with that said why the characters hated each other seemed to be lost at times. Bruce’s reason to hate Superman is explained in the opening scenes of the movie, however the hatred for him only seems to grow throughout the movie with no explanation. This while Lex gives no reason at all as to why he wants Superman gone.


What the movie does deliver on is the action. When Superman and Batman are on screen you can feel the tension. You feel as though at any moment all hell is about to break lose and when it does, you are on the edge of your seat. However even with the focus being on Batman and his quest for Superman’s head the real star of this movie is Wonder Woman. Zach Snyder does an amazing job at showing just how bad ass Wonder Woman is, and Gal Gadot plays her perfectly. The moment she dawns the sword and shield the attitude of the movie changes, andthe tone of the movie goes from dark and somber to epic and fast paced and you can even hear and feel it in the music.


All in all, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was not the best super hero movie I have ever seen, but it is a great step into the right direction for DC. Well casted characters, a long term plan, and a fan base that believes is all a movie franchise needs to become legend.


Score: 8/10

Things we liked

+Wonder Woman!


+Massive Justice League set up


Things we did not like

-Lack of character motivation

-Some Plot Holes


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