Final Fantasy XV Uncovered

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered
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Last night, Square-Enix held a special event in California to announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV. But while many just assumed that it would be focused on the game, it turns out that Final Fantasy XV is more of a universe.


Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV was a celebration of a yet to be released game, rather then a simple press release. Done in the style of an E3 presser (as opposed to say a Nintendo Direct), it carried with it all of the benefits and issues that accompany such an event.

The evening was hosted by Tim Gettys and Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and while I’ve always enjoyed Tim’s enthusiasm, Miller seemed a little out of place. They never passed up an opportunity to show Miller as being out of his element in terms of the Final Fantasy fandom, and it got, well, old as the show wore on. Also, sharing the stage, in a manner of speaking, was the disembodied voice of Dave Fennoy (Telltale’s The Walking Dead) who would often interrupt to bring up the next piece of information. This was all very scripted and well, the less said I think, the better. People were’t watching this for the personalities, they wanted the latest on FFXV!

There was a lot of information presented, like a FF themed car or a cover of Stand By Me by Florence & The Machine, that didn’t hold my interest as much. As I mentioned though, Final Fantasy XV is now more of a universe than it is just a single game. So first, the news that everyone is excited for.

Release Date:


Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th 2016! It is available to preorder now in three editions:

Standard Edition (Day One Edition) – $59.99


This is the game in normal packaging that comes with a little DLC, themes, avatars. Basically just the game with those “special” day one perks that companies seem to think is a game changer.

Deluxe Edition – $89.99


While the content from the day one edition is the same, for the extra price you get a steel book case with some classic FF artwork, and digital content as well as the FFXV movie on Blu-ray. A FFXV movie!? I’ll explain more below. (Pro tip, you can preorder these first 2 editions from Amazon for the sweet Prime members only 20% discount)

Ultimate Collector’s Edition – $269.99


Available only on the Square Enix Online Store, and at a limited run of 30,000 copies, this edition will net you the Deluxe Edition plus a soundtrack, the FFXV anime (again, more below) on Blu-ray with extra content, an art book, more DLC items and a Play Arts Kai statue of the main character of Noctis.


Continuing on with the game news, we also saw a brief location video showing off some of the cool looking places in the world of FFXV. Oh, and a 2:40 trailer!!

Platinum Demo

This is a strange one. You can now download a demo for Final Fantasy XV that acts as a side story. The content will not be included in the main game, and the focus is on Noctis as a child in a Alice In Wonderland meets Final Fantasy style dream world. And he has a pet carbuncle. And if you beat the demo you get the pet carbuncle in the main game along with a couple more goodies. I’m downloading it not but the early word on the demo is it’s strange. But it’s free so no reason not to check it out, I guess.

So that’s all the news that focuses on the game proper. But there was more then just game news.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV


This anime is set up as a backstory to the game’s for main characters. It will be released in 5 episodes, on Youtube, leading up to the FFXV release. Each episode will be approx. 11 minutes long and the first episode is currently up on the official Final Fantasy XV Youtube page, or you can watch it below.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

A CG movie, this will tell the story of King Regis and the princess Luna, two characters that will play a major role in Noctis’ life. The movie stars Sean Bean, Lena Headey, and Aaron Paul and will be released digitally before the game comes out on Sept. 30th. Think more Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and less Spirits Within.


Justice Monster Five

Many Final Fantasy’s of the past include mini games of some sort. This is the one for FFXV. It’s a pinball type game that you can play in-game but also, on the go. Justice Monster Five will be released on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, again, before FFXV drops.



And there you have it, that is the big news that came out of Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has been trying to build universes out of their titles for years now: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Ivalice Alliance, Fabula Nova Crystallis. However, all of these were done after the fact. With Final Fantasy XV, they seem to be embracing the idea of a metaseries from the get go. Games like Final Fantasy XIII could have benefited greatly from a lead up like this, given it’s complex (and sometime convoluted) mythology. Because of this, I think that these releases are a great idea. For fans who delve into this extra material, they will have a better understanding of the world of FFXV and its characters before stepping into their shoes on Sept 30th.

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