Arrow Recap: Canary Cry

Arrow Recap: Canary Cry
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Welcome back Arrow fans! We come to pay tribute to one Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary. But first a flashback to another funeral, Tommy Merlin’s. Oliver isn’t there to deliver the eulogy so Laurel steps up. She wants people to know that Tommy wasn’t a rich playboy that he was a good person someone that she loved. Oliver hears her eulogy and does what Oliver normally does when things are a bit serious he turns around and leaves.

Back to the present Detective Lance has just lost another daughter and this one isn’t coming back. Oliver is beating himself up for losing a friend, Diggle blames himself for trusting Andy, lots of blame going on. Oliver tells Diggle not to blame himself but Diggle can’t help it. Just then a news report comes out stating that Laurel was killed in the prison while she was conducting a deposition and that Darhk is the killer and at large.

Meanwhile an illegal gun deal is going down only to be stopped by…The Black Canary? Who takes a bag from the trunk of the car and runs off. Doppleganger?

Team Arrow and Felicity sit down to discuss how to find Darhk, Thea suggests they wait since they haven’t even buried Laurel yet. Detective Lance comes down with a newspaper reporting that Black Canary took out an arms deal. Is it Sarah? Has she come back from her time traveling adventure? Or is Detective Lance right perhaps Laurel faked her death? Oliver goes through Laurel’s things from the hospital and the sonic device is missing. So who is The Black Canary? Oliver and Lance head to the morgue to check on Laurel’s body, yup it’s still there.

The Doctor mentions someone she calls The Frequent Flyer a woman who comes by the ER often and that there’s something off about that woman. But the Doc cannot give Oliver the woman’s name as she is protected by Doctor/Paitent priviledge.

Thea is actually having a nice date with Alex Davis until The Fake Canary shows up and pulls a gun on Alex. Thea unmasks the girl only to have her use the Sonic Device on her and get away. Thea calls Oliver who gives chase. Once cornered The Fake Canary accuses Arrow of leaving her and others at Reddington to die and tells Arrow he failed this city. Before doing the typical teenager thing screaming loudly and running off. Confused Oliver is confused.

Meeting with the Team they try to piece together who the girl is. Reddington is where Darhk took Felicity, Diggle and Thea over the holidays and tried to poison gas them to death. Was the girl a member of HIVE that got free? Felicity runs a missing persons check and finds that the Sharp (wow talk about irony) Family was attacked over christmas the parents murdered and the daughter missing. Guilt train now makes a stop at Oliver station, he was lead to believe that the captives were there of their own free will turns out that was of course a lie.

Nyssa stops by to pay respects. Lance wants to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Laurel back from the dead like they did Sarah, but Nyssa destroyed the Pit so no bringing back a blood crazed Laurel. Lance is in the denial leaning on bargaining phase of grieving.

Meanwhile Oliver and Felicity have a sorry party for themselves about Laurel’s death. While Diggle goes AWOL and pulls a gun on Ruve’s limo. He attacks Ruve trying to get her to tell him where Andy is. She refuses John decides that she can deliver a message to Darhk via her dead body but before he can pull the trigger Oliver shows up and stops him. They have a heart to heart which talks Diggle off his ledge. However the damage is done, Ruve goes on the attack and now has warrants out on all The Fake Canary in honor of Laurel.  

Nyssa calls Oliver letting him know about Lance’s denial. She is worried about him and of course worried about Oliver. Despite everything Nyssa is truly a good person though I am curious about what she’s been up to since she disbanded The League. Olive confronts Lance and gets him to accept that Laurel is gone.

Felicity tracks Sharp down to the Plaza where Ruve is holding a Gala. John is cheering her on until Felicity reminds him that Sharp killing Ruve dressed as The Black Canary would destroy Laurel’s legacy. The team goes to work trying to stop Sharp it all comes down to Oliver talking to Sharp while Ruve has the best resting bitch face I have ever seen. Sharp leaves. Ruve thanks Arrow by ordering his arrest. He of course gets away leaving Ruve empty handed.

Thea is mad and rightly so that Sharp has ruined the memory of The Black Canary and made it fodder for Ruve to use. But Oliver assures her that Laurel will not be remembered that way.

During his eulogy which Sharp shows up to hear Oliver reveals that Laurel was The Black Canary, that she fought for justice to give a voice to those who didn’t have one. That she was a hero in every sense of the word.

We end where the season began Barry walking (not running) up to Laurel’s grave where Oliver stands alone. He tells Barry he wants to be alone Barry then races off meaning to us flash fans he will be getting his speed back. Oliver then goes to the limo and there we get the full version of his conversation with Felicity who tells him to get to work and find a way to stop Darhk. With that the episode ends.

This episode was interesting however I hope it wasn’t a setup to make The Fake Canary a new member of the team honestly I would love it for Huntress to come back and fill that position over some angry, emo, angsty teenager. We are now closer to the showdown between Oliver and Darhk. How will this battle play out and will we lose someone else in the midst of it?

Until next time, Arrow fans.

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