Flash Recap: Back To Normal

Flash Recap: Back To Normal
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Hello again Flash fans! All is not well in the world of Barry Allen, he no longer has the speed force and his friend Caitlin has been taken by DC’s version of Hannibal Lecter. At least Wally is safe so there’s a silver lining right?

“A normal day and I am just a normal guy” Poor Barry he’s back to normal, having to use the bus and wait in line for coffee. Back at STAR labs Cisco vibes to make sure Caitlin is okay. She is and currently playing Clarese to Hunter’s Hannibal. Harry of course is grumpy as ever blaming everyone else storming off to find his daughter who apparently is a cellular dead zone since she vibrates at a different frequency.

Meanwhile Hunter has a talk with Caitlin where he claims he is in love with her and knows that she will love him again someday. As if being there with Hunter isn’t bad enough she’s gets to look through a mirror darkly at her doppelganger Killer Frost.

Wally visits Joe and asks him to set up a meeting between him and The Flash wonder what he wants to tell him, perhaps the fact Wally has the speed force to? Joe tells him that he can’t at least not now.

Harry tracks down Jesse who tells him again to get out of her life and that everything bad that happens to her is because of him. Well she isn’t wrong. As he heads back a metahuman wrecks the STAR van and kidnaps him.

Back on Earth-2 Killer Frost offers some wardrobe advice and an offer Caitlin helps her get out and Frost helps her wardrobe and escape Zoom’s lair.

Griffon Grey is our metahuman of the week and he blames Harry for what happened to him. Griffon has super strength which as Harry says isn’t the worst thing to happen to him and then we learn Griffon is aging rapidly he looks 30 but is actually 18. Is that such a bad thing? I mean look at the perks, he can get beer, smoke and vote. Harry tells him he cannot undo what is happening to Griffon. Griffon replies as any typical teenager would “Well that sucks”

The team investigates Harry’s kidnapping with the help of Jesse who tells them she has five different Majors and Bio is one of them.

Back on Earth-2 Caitlin and Killer Frost talk about what happened to Killer Frost. She had flunked out of med school had to move back with her mother who isn’t the most loving. Caitlin reveals her mother is the same but Frost’s mother is cold because her little brother Charlie died. Caitlin never had a brother so she doesn’t know why her mother is so…well cold. Caitlin plans to freeze the carbine to weaken it so Frost can bust out and they can escape.

Wally comes to Joe again and tells him he wants to meet The Flash to thank him for saving his life at the cost of his speed. Oh come on! We want Kid Flash and we want it now!

The team tracks down Griffon to a warehouse and play some real life Donkey Kong where Griffon tosses explosive barrels at them. Barry manages to get a shot off but Griffon dodges and tells Barry that he’s too slow as Griffon goes well grey. (Nice Easter Egg that the warehouse is Ace Chemicals)

Griffon goes Jiminy Cricket on Harry telling him how Harry messed up a nice place. All because of Harry’s pride and Ego. Harry hides his guilt well he knows what he did, killed many people, destroyed countless lives. So he hides it under a shield of arrogance.

Surprise Frost double crosses Caitlin after Caitlin frees her. Frost decides to put the Killer back in her name. Zoom saves Caitlin by stabbing Frost with her own icicle he then warns Caitlin to leave the man in the mask in his cage or Zoom will kill him to.

Jesse helps the team track down Harry by his metahuman alert watch. Cisco managed to make a dwarf star breastplate to protect Barry but it will only be good for one punch. Griffon got wise to Harry’s cure, it isn’t a cure Harry doesn’t know how to fix the kid. The team shows up forcing Griffon to use more of his power so he ages. A few punches and Griffon goes down only to turn back into his teenaged self.

Jesse and Harry patch things up, guess getting almost killed is cheaper than therapy. Harry opens up that when he lost Jesse’s mom he swore what any father would do, protect their child. Jesse understands but she sets a ground rule that Harry has to ease the leash a bit and let her have some freedom.

Wally finally gets his wish he gets to meet The Flash. Wally thanks The Flash for saving him and lets him know that he will not waste his second chance. Back on Earth-2 Hunter is trying to stockholm syndrome Caitlin into loving him again. Hunter snaps and goes all creepy, he now plans to conquer all the Earths he can.

Harry comes up with a plan to get Barry’s speed back, by creating another particle accelerator explosion. I would like to nominate this idea for the WORST IDEA EVER of the season award.

With that the episode ends and still NO KID FLASH!

Perhaps maybe next episode? Perhaps something will go wrong with this explosion?

Tune in next week to find out Speedsters.

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