PAX East 2016 Schedule

PAX East 2016 Schedule
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It’s hard to believe it, but PAX East is only 8 days away!  Where has the time gone?  With that said, many industry bloggers, journalists, professionals, and gamers are getting ready to head to Boston for the annual expo which is sure to bring a ton of great news information, and experience to everyone.  PAX gets bigger and bigger every year and the schedule seems to receive more and more items on the itinerary each year as well.  We’ll have some representation at PAX this year, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for news that comes out of the expo as well as after the show regarding interviews as well!  So without further ado, let’s take a look at the schedule for PAX East 2016! (All times Eastern).

Friday 4/22 – Hours 10am-12am

Friday 10:00am

Friday 10:30am

Friday 11:00am

Friday 11:30am

Friday 12:00pm

Friday 12:30pm

Friday 1:00pm

Friday 1:30pm

Friday 2:00pm

Friday 2:30pm

Friday 3:00pm

Friday 3:30pm

Friday 4:00pm

Friday 4:30pm

Friday 5:00pm

Friday 5:30pm

Friday 6:00pm

Friday 6:30pm

Friday 7:00pm

Friday 7:30pm

Friday 8:00pm

Friday 8:30pm

Friday 9:00pm

Saturday 4/23 – Hours 10am-12am

Saturday 10:00am

Saturday 10:30am

Saturday 11:00am

Saturday 11:30am

Saturday 12:00pm

Saturday 12:30pm

Saturday 1:00pm

Saturday 1:30pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 2:30pm

Saturday 3:00pm

Saturday 3:30pm

Saturday 4:00pm

Saturday 4:30pm

Saturday 5:00pm

Saturday 5:30pm

Saturday 6:00pm

Saturday 6:30pm

Saturday 7:00pm

Saturday 7:30pm

Saturday 8:00pm

Saturday 8:30pm

Saturday 9:00pm

Sunday 4/24 – Hours 10am-7pm

Sunday 10:00am

Sunday 10:30am

Sunday 11:00am

Sunday 11:30am

Sunday 12:00pm

Sunday 12:30pm

Sunday 1:00pm

Sunday 1:30pm

Sunday 2:00pm

Sunday 2:30pm

Sunday 3:00pm

Sunday 3:30pm

Sunday 4:00pm

Sunday 4:30pm

Sunday 5:30pm


Source:  PAX Site

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