Arrow Recap: Genesis

Arrow Recap: Genesis
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Another death on Arrow? Are we being teased? Who is it going to be? Let’s find out on with this recap of Genesis.

HIVE’s leaders are having a meeting about Darhk getting out of prison. They of course have every right to be worried. Then in comes Darhk and of course, had time to think during his stint in jail, mostly about religion and bundt cake which is very delicious, but most of all the fact he doesn’t need a council at all. This is perfect example of why helping others can help you in the long run. He kills the two members that showed up then announces the beginning of the final stage of Genesis and we’re not talking about the version Terminator gave us.

Team Arrow with Felicity on board find the two dead HIVE members. Diggle wants to strike now to take out Darhk but his magic is still a big problem for them. Oliver has reached out to Constantine (boo no Matt Ryan cameo!) . He told Oliver of someone who might be able to teach Oliver how to counter Darhk’s magic. Thea says what everyone is thinking…why aren’t they all going to this magic workshop. Of course typical magic users aren’t normally easily accessible. They have to be somewhere very hard and very dangerous to get to. Oliver is off to Hub City and Thea is off on a romantic getaway with Alex. Oliver advises everyone to take some time off, lay low, but stay available for any emergencies. When he gets back they will deal with Darhk.

Diggle isn’t down with the Team Arrow mandatory vacation. He visits Lyla who has been held up in an ARGUS safehouse. Lyla wants out but Diggle wants her as well as baby Sara safe until all this is over. Lyla sides with Oliver and tells Diggle that HIVE is too dangerous to take on alone. He has a more important job: getting diapers for his adorable little girl.

Oliver has set up his Bachelor Pad in the bunker. Felicity comes to get more information about Oliver’s soon to be magic tutor and wants to know why Oliver is so worried. The magic Darhk is using turns good people into soulless monsters.Oliver thinks he’s already there and is willing to go to any length to take down Darhk once and for all. Felicity has invited herself along making sure to book rooms (that’s two not one) for her and Oliver.

Meanwhile on Operation Diaper Run, Diggle gets a hit on Andy’s location. Diggle goes to an abandoned building to try and take Andy down. Andy goads John into trying to kill him, but gets away. Now Diggle is mad…really, really mad though probably not as mad as his wife if she doesn’t get those diapers, come on John priorities!

Lyla calls John letting him know they got a hit on Andy and he’s heading towards a power plant. Diggle lets her know he’s chasing him and wants backup. Backup will take too long so Diggle wants to go in Lyla tells him not to. Poor Diggle he is still blaming himself for Laurel’s death and wants to make it right, but at what cost?

Meanwhile Oliver channels his inner James Bond – he and Felicity are at a casino looking for the high roller room. Felicity figures out Constantine’s riddle on how to find their guy and of course she’s going to play some Blackjack. No one said they couldn’t have fun on this adventure now did they? Thea wakes up to an empty bed which is never a good sign. Sensing danger she starts to look for her lost beau and finds him making breakfast for them. So the only thing in danger is their cholesterol. Back at the casino Oliver’s magic teacher isn’t a he; it’s a very lovely she which isn’t a surprise knowing Constantine.

Back at the power plant, Diggle has gone Terminator determined to hunt down Andy. He manages to get Andy and get captured by HIVE. Yup, the whole thing was a trap to catch Diggle. Andy and Diggle have a chat while Darhk is on his way to torture Diggle. Andy states his only family is HIVE before stabbing Diggle.

Back to a much nicer scene, Fortuna turns out to be an immortal shaman who plays Blackjack as a hobby. She takes them to a temple that is located in the back room of the High Roller room. Well, actually they just traveled to another plane of existence. Oliver notes he’s seen a chamber like this before. Fortuna tells them that Lian Yu is a nexus just like Star City is a nexus. Light bulbs go off and it finally explains why Darhk came to Star City. The idol doesn’t give Darhk his power, it merely channels it. Darhk’s real power comes from death. Fortuna tells Oliver that if he can channel light and hope he might be able to counter Darhk’s powers which uses fear and death but, it won’t be easy to do. If the darkness inside Oliver outweighs the light, Oliver will become an energy source for Darhk.

Thea can’t get a cellular signal and that makes her worried. Alex is working for Ruve could he also be a member of HIVE? Thea listens to the sounds of the area and it seems to be on a loop. Did we just wind up in Wayward Pines? Alex tells her to relax and that everything is fine. I am starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Back to Diggle, he’s just hanging out with Andy. Andy tells him that it’s nothing personal that what is happening has to happen.  Diggle manages to take out the two guards before handcuffing Andy to a pillar, but can’t pull the trigger. Diggle tells Andy that only one of them is still human before escaping.

Back at magic camp Fortuna is going to hit Oliver with a low dose of Darhk’s magic. Felicity of course was expecting more Hogwarts less Jedi boot camp but this is how you learn magic, apparently.  It seems the tattoo Constantine gave Oliver has many uses. Oliver manages to repel the low level dark magic, but as Fortuna says “beginner’s luck.” Oliver is then wrapped in darkness and reflects on all that has happened to him, but he cannot beat the darkness. Fortuna is unable to teach Oliver due to his darkness outweighing his light and leaves Oliver who gives her the beaten puppy look.

Thea’s paranoia is rising, the sun hasn’t set and the soundtrack is still looping. Alex tells her there’s nothing wrong, but we all know better. Alex opens a container which contains those lovely yellow pills Darhk gives to his followers.  Of course Ruve gave them to Alex because she wants him to be healthy. Thea finally hits the nope button and walks out.

Diggle comes back to a very angry Lyla. Diggle almost made her a widow and their daughter an orphan. Lyla channels Laurel and tells Diggle to bring Andy to justice but to do it the right way. Diggle promises he will.

At the casino, Fortuna, Oliver, and Felicity are drowning their sorrows. Felicity hasn’t given up yet. She wants to find another magic teacher, one with more patience and less smelly incense. We now realize that the one to stand against Darhk is Felicity, she brings the light, but Felicity believes everyone can change.

Back at the evil lair, Andy is still handcuffed to the pillar. Darhk shows up and frees him. Of course all this was part of the plan. Andy placed a tracker in Diggle to have him lead them straight to Lyla. Diggle then realizes something about the whole torture wasn’t right, just as they are attacked. Lyla calls in for reinforcements as HIVE members try to swarm the truck. HIVE is striking ARGUS headquarters at the same time and the team is not answering. The rig is designed to withstand just about anything, anything except Darhk that is.

Diggle wants to draw Darhk away but Lyla realizes it her they want. Diggle takes Sara on perhaps her first daddy-daughter motorcycle ride. Andy gives chase as Lyla goes Sarah Conner on Darhk and his guards. She takes out the guards then Darhk hits her with magic, sending her flying backwards. Lyla tries to run but Darhk stops her. He heads to the crib only to learn Sara isn’t there, she’s strapped to daddy’s back as he races away from her Uncle Andy and his goons. They corner Diggle but Felicity comes to the rescue hitting the HIVE members with the van. Diggle gives Felicity Baby Sara then races off after Andy.

Darhk attempts to pull something out of Lyla’s arm but Oliver arrives in time to allow her to escape. Diggle chases down Andy and this time manages to catch him. As Darhk tries to kill Oliver, Oliver manages to channel the light beating Darhk’s magic making him flee.

Diggle lays the beat down on Andy again. He points the gun at Andy as Andy goads Diggle telling him that he can’t protect Lyla and Sara all the time. Andy goads Diggle more angering him. Diggle pulls the trigger shooting Andy, who looks at Diggle in total shock. Didn’t his mother ever tell him not to tease his brother? Diggle is just as shocked that he just killed his own brother, but it’s for the greater good right?

Oliver catches up to Diggle and asks what happened. Diggle says what we all know that as long as Andy lived no one Diggle cared about would ever be safe. He had to make the hard choice and accept that his brother would never come back to them. No matter what a family member has done it is never easy to deal with the moment they have died because all their relatives can think about is the good times they had with them before the darkness took them away. Oliver figures out how to channel his light, by thinking about all the people he loves; all the people that believe in him.

When Lyla hugs Diggle she realizes what ever was in her arm is gone. She panics because Darhk took something very important and that thing was Rubicon. Lyla made Rubicon into an implant which was what was in her arm. Rubicon as it turns out is the kill switch for all nuclear arms. Darhk could make Rubicon able to launch all the nuclear missiles in the world. Can he become a more stereotypical villain? All that is missing is the fluffy white cat at this point. The team figures out Darhk wants to destroy then rebuild the world but where is his ark? That happens to be where Thea is currently trapped; which is more Under the Dome than Wayward Pines.

With that the episode ends.

Andy is now dead. Darhk is now a Bond-style villain. Will Thea get turned into a Stepford Wife next? Will Olicity get back together?

Until next time Arrow Fans.

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