E3 2016 – Our Predictions

E3 2016 – Our Predictions
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There’s no doubt that E3 is the most exciting time of the year, and E3 2016 looks to be even more exciting.  E3 is a time where new games get announced, companies take jabs at one another, and hope and potential for the future is shown off.  E3 is a vision of what video games will become, and it’s always the most exciting time of our industry.  To add to the fun, we at Mammoth Gamers like to make predictions of what may happen during the big show this year.  We were right on some last year, let’s see how we can do this year for E3 2016 shall we?  Without further ado, here’s some predictions that we have for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016!

Jess Johnson (EvilJess)

E3 2016 is just around the corner. Millions of gamers will be tuning in via streaming to see what their favorite studios has in store for them for the end of this year and what will come next year.

Here are some of my predictions of what we will see at this year’s E3:

Telltale’s Batman: Not surprising that Telltale’s the studio famous for games such as The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Michonne, Minecraft and The Wolf Among Us got the rights to make a Batman game using resources from the Bob Kane comic series. Slated to release Mid this year I would not be surprised to see some footage or even a trailer for this anticipated five episode game.


Telltale’s Batman game is going to be widely popular. Any info on it would be amazing!


Halo 6:  With Halo five being a build up to the next chapter in this series, many fans are waiting to see the fate of their beloved Master Chief even if there’s only some concept art it will be enough to excite fans and get them hyped up for next year.

Legend of Zelda:  Since this game was delayed and now Nintendo has released the date for their new console NX. I would not be surprised to see a quick demo of this game on the new console. There have also been rumors that you will be able to make Link female in this game as well.

Doom DLC:  With how popular this game has become among us DOOM fans, I expect Bethesda and Id to release some DLC for this amazing game and keep the love for this game going.

Kojima Productions Game:  Now that he has his own studio and has been reportedly working with Guillermo Del Toro. I expect to see some announcements of games from this studio. E3 is the perfect launching point for Kojima and his fans are waiting.


What exactly is Hideo Kojima up to?

Mark Kriska

All of my predictions are never before shown/unannounced games and add-ons. If the game was already announced I left it out.

Nintendo:  Nintendo Direct announces the Nintendo NX, the next system in Nintendo’s long running home console systems.  Because of this the new Zelda is delayed, but will also be coming to the NX.  Along with Zelda a few other games will be announced; like New Super Mario Bros. game for the NX and Metroid finally getting a new game.

Ubisoft:  Ubisoft will have a huge year in terms of new games, however one new game announced will be Watch_Dogs 2. This will feature a new protagonist but will take place in the same universe as the first game. Ubisoft will also have a lot of support for games already out. The first major expansion to The Division will be shown off, and feather a new portion of New York. To end the conference, and in the absence of Assassins Creed, Ubisoft will show off the new Prince Of Persia game.


Watch_Dogs 2 should be pretty stellar

EA:  EA, like Activision, does not have a stage this year. However they do have a revealing the day before E3 starts and Amy Hennig’s (created of Uncharted) Star Wars game will be the main focus.  Meanwhile EA will show off the new characters and maps you can play in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Microsoft:  Microsoft will announce their flagship game Halo 6, and it will have a teaser trailer.  Along with that Microsoft will also announce the Xbox One.5.  It will be a fast more powerful system, however Xbox will continue to support the Xbox One. Finally, as a bit of a surprise, EA will join Microsoft on stage to show off the first trailer to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Bethesda:  Bethesda has had an amazing year with Doom and Fallout 4.  We all know the new DLC for Fallout will take center stage, however Bethesda will have a few new things to show us as well. The Evil Within 2 will be announced along with Wolfenstein 2. Also the first expansion to Elder Scrolls Online will be shown off.

Sony:  PS4.5 will be announced but only briefly.  Most of the details will be announced at Tokyo Game Show in August.  Sony emphasizes that this will not replace your current PS4, and the PS4.5 is just a stronger system.  To show off the new hardware Sony shows off and announces God of War. Activision will not have a conference this year, however they will take the stage with Sony to talk about the already announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  However the main reason Activision will join Sony on stage is to announce the new expansion for Destiny with exclusive content for PlayStation. Finally Naughty Dog comes out to finish the show and has two big announcements:  Storyline DLC for Uncharted will be revealed and will center around Sam after the events of Uncharted 4, and finally that Crash Bandicoot is back!


EVERYONE wants a new Crash Bandicoot. E3 2016 would be the perfect stage!

Ken Borter

As of right now, the buzz swirling around the crazy time of the year that is E3 has my ears ringing in full stereo.  This year will be a year of “upgraded” hardware, new Nintendo gear and a bunch of new games to filter through the spotlight.  Here are my predictions for this upcoming E3:

Sony:  I like starting off with the best, because let’s face it, Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do in this “war” due to Sony just crushing the numbers.  Being the best selling hardware for many more months than not, the PS4 has been a huge success.  That’s why Sony will be announcing its new hardware in a PS4.5 at E3. Better hardware means more sales and even repeat sales. I think Sony is only making its product stronger with this move.  I predict that this will be released in early October, right around the time of their Playstation VR and I can see it being released as a bundle for around $799.99, which is cheaper than some VR sets alone.  Something else Sony will be doing a lot of is showcasing its newest toy and with a rumored 50 titles at launch, the Playstation VR should be a financial hit.  The actual product itself has been getting positive reviews but we will see how the longevity of the product lasts in the the face of consumers who always want more.

Microsoft:  The Xbox One is a media hub and a great one at that.  It’s pretty successful but still failing to beat out the PS4.  Well, I think in line with Sony releasing a new version of their current hardware, I think Microsoft follows suit.  Now it would be a real stick in people’s craw if they just released a “slim” version as they did with the 360 but I think that Microsoft will announce a better processor which in return, leads to better graphics.  You can count on Microsoft to also announce that all Xbox 360 games will be compatible with this new model of the Xbox One.  As for exclusive titles, I think that Gear of War 4 will be at the forefront of their pitch but Microsoft has been quiet in what to expect.  I think we may see Halo Wars 2 be announced and it’s also speculated that we could see a virtual reality component in their show as well.

Nintendo:  Nintendo is crushing it at the hand held level and that is about it.  The Wii U has been a wide disappointment and its target audience has been getting younger and younger.  Sales for Nintendo have been falling and the only thing keeping them afloat has been the 3DS.  In comes the new hardware that has been speculated about titled the Nintendo NX.  Not a lot is known about it but we do know that Zelda will be its first big title and that we should expect the unexpected with Nintendo.  My prediction is that it will be officially announced and shown to the world at E3 and that they will be switching from discs BACK to cartridges like the N64.  As it used to be expensive for cartridge based games to be manufactured, memory and storage on chips have been dramatically increased over the past 10 years and now it is super cheap to produce 64gb memory chips, holding way more than a Blu-Ray Disc.  I think that Nintendo makes the graphics jump to compare to the current generation hardware at Sony and Microsoft and they make one last ditch effort to get back into the game with an array of various titles in the Mario, Zelda and Pokemon variety.  My other prediction is that they go all in on mobile gaming and announce a bunch of new titles for iOS and Android coming this summer.  Free to play but pay to upgrade is the way of the future and Nintendo is going to try to tap into that market as well.

Games – Here I will just list off some games I feel are going to be announced/my hopes and dreams for the upcoming year:

Final Fantasy VII:  Although already announced last year, I feel this year we will see the announcement of when to expect the release of the first part of the game.  I predict a Spring 2017 release as they don’t want to step on the toes of FFXV. Cloud and company are getting a whole new look and for better or worse, a new fighting system.

Kingdom Hearts III:  I said it last year. And the year before.  And the year before.  But THIS YEAR will be the year they set a release date for KHIII and I also think they make the huge announcement of the inclusion of the Star Wars Universe to the games as well.  Imagine Donald and Goofy as Jedi Knights…..A dream come true!!

Destiny 2:  Yes, I do still play Destiny and yes I still like it and want another one.  I think Bungie sets up its mega hit Destiny with its sequel to be released in September 2017.  They will announce it with the idea that there will be 2 more expansions for the original Destiny and that your characters will be able to be exported to the next installment of the series.  People will rejoice, and then complain when Bungie releases more content that’s too short.  As is life in Destiny.

God of War:  Finally, we will get another installment of the classic series in God of War.  Potentially set in a different place than Greece/Greek Mythology, I think we will see the return of Kratos and Playstation fans will rejoice because apparently, he will have a beard and an axe, which makes it God of Lumberjacks instead.

Red Dead Redemption 2:  Hopefully this game will be released on both PS4 and XBox One, Rockstar fan favorite, Red Dead Redemption is potentially getting a sequel.  Set in the old West again, we might see more of the same (which was amazing) but I think that this franchise really hit it out of the part with it’s undead nightmare expansion and we can look forward to more cool things like that in the future. But first, I think we see this game come back with a vengeance and allow users to once again be John Marston and defend his family from the perils of the Wild Wild West.

Chris Webber

First things first, I have to get something off my chest specific to the doom and gloom surrounding E3 this year. I keep hearing phrases like “The show is dying” and “E3 isn’t relevant anymore”. I think people need to realize just how big E3 is. What started as a simple trade show has evolved into the video game version of the Grammy’s or the Oscar’s as it relates to our favorite medium. This show now attracts the attention of millions of people across the globe that are linked by their passion and fervor for video games. E3 is a celebration of video game culture as much as it’s an opportunity to show off developer’s work. To see companies like EA, Activision, and to a lesser extent based on recent developments, Disney, all pull out from the show is a blow to E3. Even further it is also a disappointment to the fans that care so diligently for the yearly showcase. EA and Activision are making a mistake as far as I’m concerned. They are missing an opportunity to show people their games. I understand each are having their own fan-centric events, but I guarantee they will not reach the number of people they could have if they would have attended the conference. When I look at Nintendo, I think they are missing out on a golden opportunity to talk about their upcoming hardware. I think the NX’s absence from this year’s E3 will become an important point for how successful the new hardware is when it releases. This brings me to my first prediction (which will be hard to validate).

The NX’s absence from E3 will become a major talking-point as to why the console will under-perform from a sales standpoint.


Any news on the NX at E3 would be great

I’ll be the first to admit that this bold prediction is actually a bit of a sham. I bring it up though because I just can’t emphasize how big of a mistake I think Nintendo is making by continuing their silence regarding the NX. They will be showing the oft-delayed Legend of Zelda, and that is it. That game is absolutely essential to Nintendo’s plan regardless of what system they are supporting over the next several years, but still it is just ONE game. The decision to abstain from E3 has a greater effect that effect more than just Nintendo unfortunately. Since the rumors of an NX launch happening sometime in the first part of 2017, this will be the final E3 before the system potentially launches. Every system much launch with a lineup, correct? Well, when Nintendo chooses not to show the NX, they also impact the ability of the developers that are working on games for the system to show their product, which I believe will lead to strained 3rd party relationships with a company that already doesn’t have a ton of 3rd party support.Now, on to quantifiable predictions:

A version of Lionhead Studios will find a new home, and it will be with Sony.

This one is a reach but I feel like the shuttering of Lionhead studios could have been a rather significant misstep on Microsoft’s part. Obviously the Fable license isn’t going anywhere, but the team will find a new home with Microsoft’s arch-nemesis. Sony should jump on the opportunity to bring such a talented team on board. Despite what you may think of the Fable franchise’s more recent entries, this series revolutionized the 3rd person single player RPG genre. The whimsical humor and vibrant world will translate nicely to a new Sony IP.

Not only will we the new Red Dead Redemption in action, the new GTA V single player expansion will be announced by Rockstar Games.


Is Rockstar Games ready to take us back to the wild west at E3?

Is Rockstar Games ready to take us back to the wild west at E3?

There have been rumblings that GTA V may not actually receive a single player expansion during its lifetime. I refuse to believe that. GTA has had such popular expansions in the past that I simply don’t think that Rockstar would turn its back on such a successful practice. I think we will be back and playing missions as Trevor, Michael, and Franklin sometime soon.

Dan Spina

This may be more wish than prediction, but I want to see a lot of information on the next God of War. Setting, character, and release date, specifically.  And sticking with Sony, I think The Last Guardian will get another release window that will be missed. I no longer believe that game will ever get made.

Ubisoft is back again and I’m actually excited for any Assassin’s Creed information. Now that they are finally taking a year off, I want to see if they can innovate on that series, something that hasn’t happened for a long time.

maxresdefault (3)

Assassin’s Creed reboot plans shown off at E3 possibly?

For Microsoft, I’m not big on Gears so the only thing I really want to see is more details on Halo Wars 2. The first was one of my favorite games on the 360.My favorite thing from E3 2015 was Bethesda coming out and showing Fallout 4 with a same year release date. I’m predicting the same for Elder Scrolls 6.

And finally, Nintendo said that the new Zelda will be the only PLAYABLE game at E3 from them this year. But I don’t expect any big announcements. Maybe hints at franchises they plan to launch for NX and focus on their already announced games for 2016 like Pokemon and Paper Mario.

Albert Perkins

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the most exciting event of the industry – the Electronic Entertainment Expo! E3 has always held a special place for me ever since I attended back in 2013 and I always feel honored and excited to cover an event like this whether I’m there in the Los Angeles Convention Center, or at home writing articles, and covering it on my YouTube channel. There’s a lot of buzz regarding this year’s show, so here’s a few predictions that I think will go down.

Nintendo: The Big N will have a presence at E3 but they will not be talked about much. While holding a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, May 14th, the company won’t really have too much to show off at E3 this year aside from only Zelda at their booth. I predict that a few new games will be announced including a new Metroid game that is long overdue (that I predicted last year and was dead wrong), and will release alongside the NX.

Microsoft: The Xbox One has recovered nicely after being shown off 3 years ago and it seems to be selling well. I predict that some new IP’s will be formally announced that will be exclusive to the Xbox One from some well known studios like Remedy Entertainment (Quantum Break 2 maybe?), and first party studios 343 Industries and of course, Turn 10 Studios. Speaking of 343, I predict that Halo 6 will not be announced, but a new Halo game from 343 based in the same universe with a new protagonist at the helm. Look for a new Halo adventure, to be announced during Microsoft’s Xbox Press Event.


Could we see a sequel to Quantum Break?

Sony: Sony still seems to be riding the momentum from their E3 Press Event back in 2013. PlayStation 4 sales have been off the scales, and have outsold the Xbox month after month. After a highly successful press event last year, there’s no doubt that Sony will be ready to continue to bring it this year. I predict new IP’s, as well as a firm release date for The Last Guardian. I predict that Sony will welcome Square Enix to the stage, give an update on Final Fantasy VII Remake along with a new trailer and yes – a release date for it as well. Before Square leaves the stage, they will announce that Kingdom Hearts III is coming along nicely and will release in Winter 2016. Naughty Dog will take the stage to a thunderous applause from the crowd on their complete success of Uncharted 4.  Following the applause, they will announce that The Last Of Us 2 is in development officially and show off a trailer for it and blow the doors off of the Shrine Auditorium.  PlayStation will then show off a lot of PlayStation VR content with some exciting new titles that utilize the technology and I predict that Sony will officially announce the PlayStation Neo (4.5) to be released alongside the PlayStation VR. The PlayStation Neo will not have a price point at the time of the press event but more details will be shown off at a future date.I CAN’T WAIT to see what will be shown off at E3 this year, the show gets better and better each year and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us and the video game industry.

David Bahle

Is it E3 already? Where did the time go? I think this is the first year that I am going to be unavailable to follow it every second of every day due to being out of the state. However I am hoping that there are some big things coming down the pipeline, a lot of what is and is not going to be at E3 has me excited.

Nintendo: For the love of the God can we get a console MMO Pokémon game spanning all the regions? That’d be great thankssssssss. But seriously, I would buy whatever console it was on, at whatever price for that game (once I was confident it wouldn’t suck of course). I want Pokémon news, info on the new games, Pokémon Go, the whole lot of it. I’m not speaking about the list of new gen Pokémon, just features, number of gyms, the region etc…I also want to know if I am going to have to
spend $1 per Pokeball on Pokémon Go, in which case I am not going to be very happy.


Gotta catch em’ all!

NX: They have stated that the new system isn’t a new version of the Wii and Wii U, and that is fantastic news, because the Wii U wanted to be a next gen console, but it was a few years too early, with no support. This system needs to learn from what the other systems didn’t do, and launch with an extremely strong line up:  Zelda, Mario, Star Fox, Kirby, the works. If they do this, and it is a good solid new system, then it will be successful.Microsoft: Personally, I do not want to hear about how great their year has been, or how great the Xbox One and a half is going to be. What I want to hear are games. They have had a few winners with exclusive games like Sunset Overdrive, and a few losers, like Halo 5. I need more first party games; give me a reason to want to buy new games.

Sony: See above, with the exception of one thing. I’m hoping for more collections like the Uncharted Collection, for a guy that skipped a generation of PlayStation systems, getting the first 3 Uncharted games was fantastic. It lets me catch up on what I missed during those years.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Now this is important for me, for a number of reasons. Kingdom Hearts is probably tied for my favorite game of all-time. It was fantastic back in the day and still keeps that value. When Sony announced that KH3 was going to be exclusively on PlayStation, I was on the fence about which system to buy. However with that news, it was enough to make me buy a PS4 exclusively for that game, then the news came out it wasn’t exclusive, so I bought a Xbox One, then eventually got a PS4. I need news on this game like yesterday.

Dale Crowe

I believe this year’s E3 is going to bring back all sorts of nostalgia for the players. I believe there will not only be remastered games, but also rebooted games. Starting off in this category, I am going to go out on a limb here and say the Crash Bandicoot series will be remastered. In Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, it lets you play a single level in the original Crash Bandicoot. I think this could be a little hint that they are working to get this title back onto our systems, and a remaster would be phenomenal. Alongside Crash Bandicoot, Dino Crisis will be announced as a reboot. Finally! Dino Crisis! After leaving unanswered questions after Dino Crisis 2, and so many years passing before another one comes out, it is about time to just reboot the series, and I am hoping that happens.

Hideo Kojima. The man, the myth, the legend, will come out with a teaser this E3. Although, the last time he announced a game at E3, it was under “Moby Dick Studios” so he may very well do so again by making his new game incognito. But then again, everyone is probably expecting it to be a secret again, I guess we’ll see.

Back to Naughty Dog, since the Uncharted series has now come to an end, it is time to continue the next best title in this company. The Last of Us 2. The first Last of Us was one of the most well rounded games I have ever played, and it also left all of us with a few questions at the end of the game. Time to continue this great series, we’re ready.


Finally, my most anticipated E3 prediction goes to………RESIDENT EVIL 7. Yes, I know, you can hate on it all you want, whether it is how they have gotten away from their roots, the roots that paved the way for where they are today, or how they ruined Chris Redfield by making him look like a human steroid. I love this series and always will. It has its flaws, but there hasn’t really been a “bad” game in the series. Rumor has it if this game is real, it is somehow going to be a reboot. My guess is that they are going back to when the outbreak began but you will be playing somewhere else, I don’t know, but I cannot wait to find out. JUST GIVE ME THIS GAME, IT IS ALL I WANT.


Justin Brunelle (SwiftSh0t)

EA:  EA always likes to play their cards safe and never really goes off the rails. With the upcoming Mirror’s Edge and their always “stellar” lineup of sports games that gives EA at least half of the press conference to fill. VR is going to be the hot ticket this E3 and it’s going to be everywhere and shoved down the throats of gamers. I half expect Gronk to come to the stage to watch himself make a catch and spike the ball on a touchdown throw from Tom Brady. EA always has some sports legend or superstar on stage to test out the new bells and whistles with EA sports. On the non-sports side there is always the possibility of some Need For Speed and first gameplay footage of Battlefield 1. No jaw dropping reveal from EA.

Bethesda:  Topics at hand here are Fallout 4 DLC, Doom DLC (even though the game has just come out they should know where they want to take the title), and Elder Scrolls 6.


A new Elder Scrolls would be pretty rad

Microsoft:  VR is going to be the new hot button that move controls were. Going to see a bunch of VR stuff, some exclusive indies, MS probably has, Gears of War 4, since CoD has jumped ship to Sony there will likely be exclusive content for Battlefield 1 first, and if they really want to bring it home to fans they will announce a new Banjo Kazooie & a Battletoads game. Crackdown 3 could see the light of day and get to check out some gameplay of ReCore as well. Also a lengthy discussion of Windows 10 integrating with Xbox gaming. Holiday bundles of the system and possible new version of the Xbox One. Although with not much exclusive content spearheading the system on sales, it’s more likely that a price drop and bundle will take place before we see a new model.Ubisoft:  Nothing matters, only a new Rayman.

Sony:  Sony always comes out swinging at the start and at the end. So we are going to kick things off with either CoD, Last Guardian, or Horizon Zero Dawn. Gonna get some Paragons gameplay in there, have long talks about VR and what it can do for the PlayStation 4. Showcase a montage of indie titles that will likely look pretty rad. Since it is confirmed that PS4K won’t be at E3 that will get passed by and possible bundles will be discussed. Big announcement is all in the hands of Naughty Dog: we are either getting a new Crash game, or we are getting a reveal on The Last of Us 2 now that Uncharted is over. Mic drops, world loses its minds.

Those are our predictions of E3 2016, what are some of yours?  Anything specific you would like to see happen?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and remember to download our new app for up to the minute news on all things E3!  Keep it locked on Mammoth Gamers, and let the E3 hype begin!  #GeekBIG