Excubitor Review [PC]

Excubitor Review [PC]
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Recently I was given the chance to check out a game title Excubitor, a bullet hell laced tower defense game. Excubitor was a unique experience that offered a fun ride with some minor annoyances from the start. Don’t let that stop you from checking out the unique title and supporting a great developer.

As the last remaining pilot, your sole purpose is to protect the colonies, you start out protecting Antares. No pilot would be complete without a ship and backing weapons and Excubitor does not fail to deliver. You pilot the SST-77 Hammerhead spaceship, you have a whole arsenal of 17 different weapons at your disposal. No worries though each can be modified to better perform when the need arises. Being a tower defense game you also have accuses to some great turrets, 9 different types will give you different play styles and different ways to defend and attack.


Facing 20 levels & 5 different planets, piloting through each dogfight will have you attacking or defending against waves of enemies. Each mission completion will offer up two different rewards, one being modules which are used for ship upgrades such as armor, overall weapon damage, and mobility. Voidshares your second reward are used for individual weapon upgrades to help decimate your foes. Unfortunately this is where Excubitor kind of falls apart, up until now everything felt like it was finished and well thought out. This is where my problems in game actually started.


On my first two start up’s trying to review Excubitor the game crashed the first time the second time it just stuck on the loading screen. When I finally was able to load up the game I found one flaw that made the game harsh. Controls were very abrasive they took a good amount of time to get used to. Not that the controls were hard to master but the movement was very sensitive, once it felt like the handle was back I would find myself looking in the completely wrong direction away from the action. Playing into later levels the controls verse the actual action on screen made the harder levels feel tedious.

Redeeming qualities were the game has a great arcade feel with a decent story. Though it did feel more sided to being bullet hell heavy with the tower defense aspect being an after thought. Towers in the game become more of a hindrance, you will find that using your ship and all the weapons is a much easier task to keep yourself ahead of the enemy. Graphically Excubitor is nothing to scoff at, the graphics are not cutting edge but they do well for this type of game, I found myself enjoying them through the few times I did boot up this game.


  • Equip the Hammerhead with 17 upgradable weapons that Michael Bay would be proud of!
  • Upgrade the various subsystems of The Hammerhead. Increase your rate of fire with the berserk ability or stun enemies with the shockwave ability, plus more
  • Defeat colossal sized bosses in epic battles!
  • Strategically build and upgrade 9 turrets Use the Prism turret that bounces lasers off multiple enemies or the high damage, high accuracy, Gatling laser.
  • Interact with the environment to aid your defence.
  • Four levels of difficulty to challenge even the most experienced players, including NewGame+, the hardest game mode we’ve ever created! …featuring new super-secret weapons.
  • Replay any level in order to achieve the highest score and gold rank.

Excubitor is surely worth a play through despite the subtle issues with the controls and my own issue with the game being broken twice at startup. Mixing unique tower defense with bullet hell play style makes the game a fun foray into something a bit different. Don’t count the game off your list just yet take time and give it a chance you may be pleasantly surprised.

Score: 7.5/10