Xbox E3 2016 Recap

Xbox E3 2016 Recap
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Yesterday afternoon Microsoft took the stage at E3 to show us the future of Xbox and I must say the future for this console is looking really bright.  Here’s our Xbox E3 2016 Recap.

Hide your wallets kids because here’s what is about to come:


Xbox One S

Microsoft started us off with a look at some new hardware to come out this August. It is a smaller more sleeker design of the Xbox One, but unlike its big brother this little box has some serious power under it’s hood. That power is able to support 4k and HDR gaming and of course it has Blu-Ray. What about storage? How does a 2TB hard drive sound? It also has a new Wireless controller with a textured grip to prevent any slipping from your sweaty palms and increased range so you can sit farther back from your television and make room for the gamer buffet you will put out during your group plays. All this and the price is just $299.


Gears of War 4

Teased at last year’s E3 and then teased some more with a powerful trailer backed by Disturbed’s cover of Sound of Silence. We finally get an amazing look at the next chapter of the Gears of War story. The game looks much darker, more brutal and more unforgiving than it’s previous games. The co-op campaign introduced a new weapon called the buzzkill which is a sawblade launcher so if you want to use this weapon effectively it would be best to brush up on your geometry. It wouldn’t be an Xbox exclusive release if it didn’t also come with it’s own special edition controller. Look for this amazing game on Oct 11th.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Microsoft introduced a new technology Xbox Play Anywhere, Pc gamers and console gamers can now play together. Player’s achievements in the games and their save data will now cross between the PC and the console. You also have to buy a game only once and you can play it on both your PC and your console. To take advantage of this you will of course need to upgrade your computer to Windows 10.

Killer Instinct Season 3

Fans of this fighting game were not left out. In honor of the release of Gears of War 4 General Raam will now be a playable character in the Killer Instinct series. Grab it this week.

Forza Horizon 3

Gear Heads and Motor Heads rejoice! A new Forza is coming to you Sept 27th. Take your racing experience to the land down under. Race highway, race off road, race in the city. Having trouble with a Race you can now invite three of your friends to join you on either pc or console when they join you, they also join the world you are in, same weather, same hazards everything.


Another Game revealed at last E3. In the style of the Borderlands game we get a look at the main character Joule and her robot friends. There is Mac the loyal dog robot we saw last year. Seth a robot that looks like something from portal deemed the escape artist,and Duncan the bruiser/heavy robot to help battle other robot. Look for this game Sept 18th.

Square Enix Final Fantasy 15

For the first time Final Fantasy has come to the Xbox! We were treated to a look at the real time combat system with a three way battle between Noctis and his friends vs a Titan vs an enemy Army. This title is slated to be released on Sept 30th.

Ubisoft The division underground expansion

The enemy didn’t vanish, it just went underground. Coming June 28th is the first expansion to the hit game The Division. There will be new areas to explore and new tactics to be learned as you and your friends wander through the subway tunnels of New York.

DICE Battlefield 1

Of course we will see this title on each and every platform. This insane 64 player game set in WW1 will be available Oct 21st those with Gold and Ea Access will be able to get it Oct 13th.

Xbox Live

With the introduction of Xbox Play anywhere Xbox live is upgrading their infrastructure with more live servers closer to gamers for faster response times and less server queues. Players will be able to select the language they want to play in, create clubs based on the games they enjoy, find players for raids on the LFG for Xbox. For sports fans EA is bringing their games to the new Arena game type a tournament focused place for games such as SMITE, League of Legends and HearthStone. Cortana will be available as well on Live so you can make her call you Master Chief anytime you want. Microsoft is also going even further with the tearing down the platform walls by allowing players to play on any device using the Xbox Live app so now your IOS and Android users can join in on the fun. Look for all this fun in Fall.


Microsoft took off running when they acquired this open world game. Now all minecraft users on all platforms including VR can share their worlds with one another. There will be dedicated servers so your friends can come onto your server while you’re away. Texture packs and Add ons will be now available to players allowing you to change blocks, mobs, animals, and even villagers to something new. This update has been dubbed the Friendly Update since now everyone on anything can come and play.

New wireless customizable controller

Sick of the same colored wireless controllers and buttons? Microsoft has just released their Xbox Design Lab, a site where you can go and make your wireless controller the way you want to make it.


Indie gaming has been taking the stage these recent years and Microsoft has given them a place to shine with Id@Xbox. To help introduce this the makers of Limbo announced their new game called inside. A dark game that seems to hold a corporate/metropolis look to it. As of yesterday Microsoft is now offering Limbo as a free to download game. Look for Inside on June 29th and keep an eye out for the following titles coming soon:

  • Cuphead
  • Outlast Red barrel
  • Deliver Us moon
  • Far
  • Slime Rancher
  • Stardew Valley
  • Raiders
  • Bloodstained



Compulsion Games: We Happy Few

I have been keeping an eye on this game since I saw the first trailer. We have the swinging 60s in good old Britain. Lots of color, lots of laughs, lots and good times that is of course if you take your joy, a little pill that makes all the sad go away, you don’t want to be sad do you? You don’t want your friends to call you a downer and beat you to death now do you? Get this game July 26th.

Gwent (witcher card game)

You asked for it and the developers listened. Gwent the witcher card game is coming to a console near you.

Tekken 7

Another smash fighting game set to come out in Early 2017. This new addition to the series brings Akuma from Street Fighter in and a seamless transition between cut scene to fight. There is also a new story mode to play and enjoy. While you’re waiting for this title grab the now backwards compatible Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Gold members.

Dead Rising 4

Fans of Dead Rising can now ask Santa for the newest chapter in the Dead Rising game series. It even is holiday themed with a candy cane cross boy and other fun zombie killing toys for you girls and boys. Get it this holiday.


Many developers have tried to make a game with dragons as your ally and mount. Each time the game was met with complete disaster. Scalebound does not appear to be one of those games however. Fight with your dragon, call in your friends and their dragons to help you slay monsters in 2017.

Sea Of Thieves

Pirates like zombies in video games are honestly meh these days. For those that want to be a pirate and have to tell captain their friends to help sail your pirate ship and of course keep it from sinking. Be on the lookout for this title.

State of Decay

Another popular zombie game coming to the Xbox.

Halo Wars 2

Not the Halo title we were expecting but damn does it look good. RTS using all the weapons from the Halo series. The first was a smash hit with fans who begged 343 to make a sequel. Join the week long beta to this amazing game and get it on Feb 21st.



Project Scorpio

Saving the best for last, coming next Holiday Xbox Project Scorpio. A faster more powerful console that runs 4k resolution with 6 teraflops of power, 4k resolution and highfidelity VR. Of course some of you are asking ‘should i bother with getting the One S when this is coming out next year?’ If you’re on a budget go ahead and get the One S, because there is no longer any restrictions between the Xbox consoles so everyone can play together no matter what.

With that Microsoft ended their show. They have promised that no one will get left behind, and are working towards making their community bigger and better by tearing down the walls that would normally separate us gamers from one another. Hopefully Microsoft can make good on this promise but only time will tell if this tech giant has what it takes.

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.