Attack On Titan 2 Announced

Attack On Titan 2 Announced
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The release of the second season of the hit anime Attack On Titan has finally been announced. Its official website also hosts a new key image as well.

attack on titan

The second season was slated to be released this year. But due to other projects, they announced the release would be pushed back yet again. Frustrating their already impatient fans.

The anime series is based off a manga of the same name. The series follows Eren Yager and his friends as they fight the Titans who threaten humanity. The first season’s popularity spawned a video game and a live action movie. Titans were also featured in commercial for Subaru cars. An OVA was also released along side select manga volumes. It is called No Regrets, it follows the members of the Survey Corps.

The Japanese voice cast has been announced as well on the website: (please note: this is a translation from the official site which is in Japanese)

  • Ellen Yeager: Yuki Kaji 
  • Mikasa Ackerman: Yui Ishikawa
  •  Armin Arureruto: Marina Inoue
  • Jean Kill Stein: Kisho Taniyama 
  • Ani Leonhart: Yu Shimamura 
  • Sascha blouse: Yu Kobayashi 
  • Christa Lens: Mikamieda woven
  • Connie Springer: Hiro Shimono 
  • liner Brown: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Bertolt Hoover: Tomohisa Hashizume Ymir
  • Saki Fujita / Revival: Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Elvin Smith: Daisuke Ono
  •  judge, Zoe: Romi Park
  • Hannes: Fujiwara Keiji

There is no word on when they will release the dubbed version of the second season but it can be assumed it will be released the same year. There is also no word where the episodes will be available for streaming. It is safe to assume that the episode will be available to watch on Crunchy Roll

Be sure to check out the website for more news and announcements. Attack on Titan 2 is slated for release in 2017.

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