Five Shows To Get You Over Game of Thrones Withdraw

Five Shows To Get You Over Game of Thrones Withdraw
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Now that we come to an amazing end to Game of Thrones, many people are fighting to find something else to watch.  Well I am here to tell you there are some amazing shows sitting out there, just begging for you to watch them.

The Last Ship (TNT)


If you are into military action/drama shows then The Last Ship is for you.  It is the story of a ship that is tasked with trying to save the world of a disease.  A virus has wiped out more than half the population since the ship embarked, and the captain has decided that the best place to develop a cure for this disease is at sea, where they are relatively safe.  Now you will have to do a bit of catch up as this is currently on the third season, but it is worth the time.

Mr. Robot (USA):


Mr. Robot is a take on Anonymous, where a cyber security expert acts as a vigilante hacker.  It is filled with the moral dilemmas of the main character Elliot, and the beliefs of the people around him.

Jessica Jones (Netflix)


Now if you have not watched Jessica Jones and hopped on the Marvel Netflix bandwagon, it’s time you get on.  Let me start off by saying that you are not meant to like Jessica Jones, and you can tell it the way the show is produced, but you cannot help but like the show itself.  Jessica Jones is a B grade superhero that has done some time with the Avengers, that has given up the superhero life, and is working as a private investigator.

Fringe (Netflix):


Fringe is perhaps one of my favorite shows of all time.  This show has been off the air for a long time now, but it is available in its entirety on Netflix.  It is produced by a team of J.J. Abram’s producers, including the man himself.  This is a show where watching the scenery is just as important as watching what is going on in the scene.

The show starts out when a plane lands on a runway, and no one gets off.  Turns out everyone on the plane is dead, basically liquefied.  It follows a team consisting of a mad scientist, an FBI agent, and an FBI contractor.  The title comes from Fringe science, which is science that is considered a departure from what is considered normal science.

Critical Role (Twitch.tv):


Now this last one is not a traditional TV show.  The show features some very successful voice actors that put on a show over on the Geek and Sundry page on Twitch.  If you have ever wanted to play, or have ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons, this is worth watching.

Dungeons and Dragons Is an old school table top role playing game that has been gaining in popularity over the past year or so, partly in thanks to these folks.  As you would expect from a roleplaying game, you design, and make a character your own.  But these voice actors take it a step further, adding a unique, professional voice to their characters, with an extremely talented person running the show.

The story follows a band of adventures as they battle evil, find friends, and find themselves, all with very small plastic figure.  The show airs weekly at www.twitch.tv/GeekandSundry Thursday Nights at 10pm EST.

You can find all past episodes over on Youtube below!:


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