Five Things To Do Before Destiny Rise of Iron

Five Things To Do Before Destiny Rise of Iron
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Destiny Rise Of Iron arrives in a little more than a month from now but there is still plenty to do in Destiny before it releases! Check out this list of five things you can do before Destiny Rise Of Iron is released on September 20th.

Clean Up Exotics

Most Destiny players, including myself, have yet to acquire all armor and weapon exotics from both year one and two. Weapons like the Vex Mythoclast and the Necrochasm have always eluded me, while both my alternate characters (Titan & Warlock) barely have 25% of the armor exotics. However even with increased light after the April update some weapons can really be a difficultexotics_new.jpg.optimal to obtain. Weapons like the Black Spindle. This gun took me a few months to get, although not all guns are this hard. Guns like No Time to Explain was just plain fun to obtain. Most guns can drop randomly from exotic engrams, but some of the better guns are obtained through quests. It is also worth noting that PlayStation gamers will also have a few extra exotics to scavenge. The Jade Rabbit and Zen Meteor are exclusive PlayStation weapons until Destiny Rise of Iron is released and can drop from Exotic engrams. Along with quests, and just getting lucky with engrams, players will also have to complete the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raid just to have a shot at some of these weapons. King’s Fall sadly does not have a exotic weapon however it brings us to the next thing all Destiny players should do.

Complete King’s Fall Raid

This raid requires teamwork. Now I don’t want to worry you. With the new light level and so many other Guardians willing to carry new players through, newbies should have no problem getting this done. With that being said you will need to pay attention and understand exactly what your role is during each segment of the raid. If your Fireteam leader instructs you to stand in the shadow during the Warpriest fight or to jump down into the middle of the room during your encounter with Oryx you need to be doing those tasks. Also, to increase the rewards King’s Fall has a hard and challenge mode. Hard Mode can be selected by your Fireteam leader while challenge mode is selected by week. Challenge mode is a specific way to kill a boss;

The Warpriest can’t have the same player have the ‘Aura of the Initiate’ which is a red cuddle that grants extra damage to the Warpriest. Whoever has this aura will have to continuously kill add to keep it for its full duration.


Golgoroth is the next challenge mode. For this ogre every player will have to capture his gaze, every round of damage. This sounds simple, and for the most part it is. However if you are in an unorganized team, then this will always be a failed run.


Oryx is the final challenge. Oryx challenge requires you to detonate all for rounds of bombs at the same time. Each round of enemies spawn black orbs that can be detonated by standing close to them. You and your team will have to complete four rounds without triggering any detonation. This will be orchestrated by the fireteam leader. When they instruct you to detonate, there cannot be any hesitation.


Challenge modes cycle through a weekly reset. If you have Golgoroth one week then after the next Tuesday it will be Oryx. If you have a team that can run every week then you will have to complete every week

Get To The Lighthouse

In my opinion, this is the hardest thing to accomplish on this list. To get to the lighthouse you will have to win 9 straight Trials Of Osiris matches. From Friday to Monday, The Reef asks Guardians to compete in a 3 vs 3 match where your light level and damage matter. This is something I could not do, until I was directed help. Now I can hold my own in Iron Banner, and it is one of my favorite things to do in Destiny. However Trials pulls in the best of the best Guardians, and luckily some offer help.

Chadlantis is a Twitch streamer that carries players to the Lighthouse and Chad is extremely good at what he does. He not only gets you through Trials but also teaches you on the way. If you made a move that wasn’t smart, or should have went for the resurrection vs the kill he will explain why. He has carried my sorry excuse of a Crucible player to the Lighthouse twice and we had only lost one match. That loss thankfully did not count. There are boons on your scorecard that erase your first loss, as long as you purchase it before your first match. Along with forgiving your first loss there are two more boons. One boon gives you one win without playing a match and the other grants you two wins if your first trials match is a win. Chad will ask you if you have this card and the boon before you start you match. Every Friday, Saturday, and Monday Chad will hold raffles. While you are in his stream you earn 1 glimmer for every five minutes, you can then use that glimmer to buy a raffle ticket after every successful Trials run Chad completes. Each ticket costs 5 glimmer and you can buy up to 5 tickets for every chance. Once you have beenbg1 successfully taken to the Lighthouse you have to wait until next week to win again. For those of you who have never been to the Lighthouse and don’t have a bank of glimmer on his stream you are also in luck. On Sundays Chad hold Trials Virgin carries. For these virgin players when you enter his chat make sure you say hello and ask to be on the list. This list is a order of players who have also asked to be put on the Trials Virgin carries. You will be put at the bottom of the list and you will work your way up to #1. If you are in the chat on Sunday Chad with ask you to type your number on the list, the closest to #1 will be next in line. You may get lucky and be #12 and #1-11 aren’t in the chat at that time so you will be next in line. Players on the list are also eligible for the raffles on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. However if you win a raffle and get taken to the Lighthouse then you will be taken off the Trials Virgin list. So make sure you follow Chadlantis on Twitch and hello from LOSTHeroes13.

Complete The Story & Collect Grimoire

This seems very straight forward, however I know a few players who have not even completed the original campaign. Yes this story has started off very rocky. However, with The Taken King the story was revamped and the destiny_guide_grimoire_cards_categoriesbest it’s ever been. By completing the story you are told of a Guardian on his or her journey and rise to power. This Guardian is you, and you will be taking the fight to the House of Devils is just a few weeks with The Rise of Iron. The story in Destiny is extremely complex. Yes, I know it doesn’t seem that way, but trust me. Now the story is mostly hidden away in the Grimoire cards. These are card you collect by finding dead Ghosts, Calcified Fragments, killing major enemies, finishing the story, or obtaining exotic weapons. I, for the longest time, was oblivious to the story. I would play Destiny every night until I was suggested to listen to My Name is Byf. My first experience with his YouTube channel was his Satin-14 lore story, and is was astonishing. Every work shift after was spent listening to him. However, I quickly caught up. Thankfully YouTube has recommendations and soon I learned about Myelin Games. Because of Myelin I fell in love with the Dredgen Yor/Jaren Ward lore of the Thorn vs The Last Word and if you don’t know the story, check out part 1 here. During my listenings I was also keeping up with Byf and his appearance on Ben Broman’s YouTube cannel reading The Books of Sorrow. During the reading Byf mentioned guest staring on a podcast, Destiny Ghost Stories. This would soon be all I did, and with it my obsession with everything Xray, Dropslash, GabbleRatchet, and SherbertPop. It is bitter sweet that the vast majority of the story is lock away inside these Grimoire cards. It unfortunate the story isn’t more flushed out, however because of this we now have excellent Podcasters and YouTubers. You can view your Grimoire collection at Bungie.net or the full collection at Isthar-collective.net.

If you are interested in the lore of Destiny check out Destiny Ghost Stories (podBean/iTunes), My Name if Byf (Youtube), Myelin Games (Youtube), and Ben Broman (YouTube). I have learned basically everything I know about the lore from these guys.

Complete Your Year Two Moments of Triumph

Moments of Triumph is a thing Bungie does to reward the players of Destiny for completing what they consider to be the main points to that year. In year two you are tasked with eight things to accomplish, some I have already gone over.Y2MoTLandingImage

A Blade Reborn- This is completed by obtaining any of the three exotic swords. If you are hunting exotics this will be one you have to accomplish.

The Sword Logic- This is accomplished by defeating the King’s Fall raid on hard.

The Play’s The Thing- Complete The Taken King’s story.

This is Amazing- Complete the Mountaintop quest line. This is one of the longest quest lines in the game that started with the Crucible Forged quest and is finished up eight quest later.

Eris Morn’s Revenge- Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments.

Return to the Reef- Finish the rest line from the April update.

Challenge of the Elders- Complete the Elder’s Sigil. This is done be beating the level 42 Challenge of the Elders.

The Third Element- Complete level up either your Nightstalker, Stormcaller, or Sunbreaker subclass.

Now that you have completed all of these steps you are ready to become an Iron Lord Guardian. Let me know if you agree with my list. There’s still plenty to do in Destiny before the release of Destiny Rise Of Iron.  For more on Destiny and Destiny Rise of Iron, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Mammoth_Gamers for all of your gaming needs, and for in-depth looks at games and movies keep it here at Mammoth Gamers.

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