Suicide Squad Review [Spoiler Free]

Suicide Squad Review [Spoiler Free]
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Its finally here. If you are a fan of nerd movies then you’ve been wanting a Suicide Squad movie for quite a while. Fans have been asking for a movie with beloved characters like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Deadshot for years. WB finally gave the fans what they want, but is it good? Lets find out.maxresdefault

Suicide Squad is dripping with character and style from Will Smith’s Deadshot to Jared Leto’s Joker. However, the movie expects us to know who these characters are. This isn’t a bad thing, although it doesn’t help the movie with having emotion. From the first few scenes we are introduced to the major hitters in this movie and how they got to where they are. Sadly you get no reason on why they are who they are. You know why Harley acts the way she does, however not why (outside of her love of Mr.J). You can sympathize with Deadshot and El Diablo but you never get to know the characters reasons of being a criminal. Granted, this isn’t what the movie is about. The movie is about a bunch of bad guys being forced to do something good, and the movie does a good job about never letting you forget that. Deadshot reminds the group multiple times that they are the bad guys, and right around the time you believe you have these characters down the movie reminds us we do not know everything.

3103474-4+suicidesquadThe wild card in this movie is the Joker; you never fully know what he’s thinking and thats how it should be. This however is ultimately a let down. If you are like me you try and shake up every ounce of media leading into movies, this was a mistake for Suicide Squad. The promotions and trailers are about 70% of all the Jokers scenes and 90% of Batman’s. Again Batman and the Joker are not the focus of this movie. This is more a movie about Harley and Deadshot. Deadshot is concerned about his daughter almost exclusively, and Harley is always making the most of every moment. This is the deepest the characters go. You never get fully attached to these characters or why they are on this mission.

Suicide-SquadThe mission is something else that was a little shallow. The Squad isn’t formed for this mission, it is formed as a contingency plan. However the real threat emerges and it feels somewhat forced. This is something that doesn’t really feel appropriate. It feels like they where used because they where there, not because they where the only ones who could pull off the mission. After they are forced to work for the government you get the feeling that aren’t the right people for the job. Most are planning there escape, others are waiting for an opportunity, and some are lying about what they are doing there. You never really get a sense they everything is okay, and that was something i loved. The world is being threatened and you have a bunch of criminals tasked to save it. Nothing could go wrong. This much of a threat was a bit much for the Suicide Squad. You often wonder ‘Where is Batman’ ‘Where is Wonder Woman’? With an enemy this powerful you would assume this would be something that would draw them in.


Suicide Squad is a mix of emotions for me, on one hand I love characters and how they are protraid, however on the other the movie feel shallow and obtuse. The mission doesn’t match the reason to use these criminals and the absents of hero’s. However this can be overlooked. As much as Batman v Superman was an introduction the the heroes of the Justice League, Suicide Squad is an introduction to the villins. Sadly Suicide Squad struggles a lot with identity. Part of it was as dark and serious as Batman v Superman, however the other part tries to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. All in all the movie was enjoyable regardless of its flaws, and with an extended ‘R’ release probable the movie can only get better. Mammoth gives Suicide Squad…

Score 7.5/10


Things we liked

+ Portrayals of Characters

+ Style

+ Leto’s Joker

Things we didn’t like

– Reasonings for the Squad being sent out.

– The threat

– All the Joker moments being shown in the previews.

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