Wave The Black Flag: NASCAR Heat Evolution Falls Short – Review

Wave The Black Flag: NASCAR Heat Evolution Falls Short – Review
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It has been five long years since there has been a NASCAR game released on consoles, but thanks to Monster Games, NASCAR fans can rejoice. NASCAR Heat Evolution was rumored to have been a blast from the past, bringing back the early 2000s NASCAR video game feel. Well…that was sort of what happened. Though Monster Games did bring back situational race challenges, a lot was not brought back. Luckily, a few game modes were brought back, like Career mode and Championship mode. There is not a lot to this game, it comes off as more of an arcade racer. That is not a bad thing though, there could have been more added features added to this game. For now, players will just have to enjoy what has been produced until the next game comes out, if there is one. Let’s dive into the game, shall we?

As you progress through the game, you will unlock challenges that are based off of in-race situations. For instance, you could be put in a race as Jimmie Johnson with 5 laps left. You are in 7th place and you need to finish first, so you have 5 laps to do that. This is something close to what they had done in the past, whether you had to get through a wreck or win a race.

This is pretty much Season mode, from the older NASCAR games. You can choose between 6, 12, 23 or a full Regulation season. Or you can do just the Chase. There isn’t really anything to do while in this game mode besides race. You can check the schedule or standings, but that is it.

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As you start up career mode, you can choose what your driver looks like, what your number is, even though there are only 4-5 choices. You get to choose your manufacturer between Chevy, Ford, and Toyota. You then go on to do two practice races/challenges. After you complete these, you get assigned a sponsor and the journey begins! Your car is bad in the beginning and it is nearly impossible to get passed 19th place until you get your car upgraded more (at least for me that is how it was). After completing each race, you earn Fans and Reputation. You also get to choose a secondary sponsor, which you have to complete a certain task like finishing in the Top 20 or leading a lap. The harder the objective you pick, the more money you earn. The money you earn will be spent at the Team menu, where you improve you car/team.

Exactly that. You have the choice to join a Hosted Lobby, a Normal Lobby, or a No Rules Lobby. Hosted means the lobby host has the power to boot any player in the lobby, Normal is for players who want a clean race without a lobby host. No Rules mode is..well….self explanatory, anything goes.

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NASCAR is finally playable again
Racing with friends
Simple and easy navigation
Quick load times

Unable to play Career mode with friends
When changing pit options, it doesn’t tell you how it changes the car
No pre-race car settings
Can only tune car while pitting
Refreshing online lobbies too much causes game to freeze. (To avoid this, just join a lobby already started and back out, it takes no time at all and it still refreshes without freezing.)

If you aren’t a fan of NASCAR or NASCAR games, I would stay away. I enjoy this game but only because of the positives I mentioned above.

Final Score:  5/10

I love a challenge. I am a big fan of sports games, shooters, and anything Resident Evil. PS4-ALL_dAy_CrOwEbAr