Five Tips For Skyrim Special Edition

Five Tips For Skyrim Special Edition
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Today marks the release of Bethesda’s Skyrim Special Edition on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.  Since the games release back in 2011, players have had years to dig into and find all of the secrets of the game.  We decided to dig through the years, and pull out five useful tips.  Please note: These tips were for the previous launch, therefore might require some tweaking for the remastered

5) Save Often, Save Often, Save Often           

When playing an open world game, it is natural to wander around in the wilderness until you find some amazing sights.  It is also very common to die, and die often.  What’s worse than dying often? Losing hours of game play and loot because you forgot to save the game.  So save (hehe) yourself the trouble and save your game.



4) Use a torch while locking…It’ll save you some trouble.

Lock picking is a honed skill.  The higher the lock difficulty, the more difficult it is to pick it, and the smaller the sweet spot is.  However, if you are holding a torch as you lock pick, it decreases the difficulty.   Trust me, I know.


3)  When leveling your blacksmithing, iron daggers give as much XP as any other item. 

So I’m sure I haven’t been the only one that maxed out my blacksmithing on Iron Daggers back in the day. Crafting an iron dagger gives you as much XP as any other iron item, and when you pair it with enchanting, you are able to sell it for a few hundred gold, allowing you to get a decent return on a pretty simple item.


2) Use Quick Slots and Favorites:

The ability to quick switch between items in various games is a game many people take luxury.  However you do not miss it until you don’t have it.  The ability to quickly switch between a potion, your trusty bow, and your sword quickly while fighting a dragon is the key to survival.


1) Clear your bags regularly…When it’s full, it’s probably potion ingredients.

In games like Skyrim, looting is a huge deal and being encumbered is the norm. You will be picking up everything from a bowl that one of your victims was just eating from, to the armor from the bandit that you just killed.  However the sneaky bag filler are the simple ingredients for potion making.   So drop those Blue Mountain Flowers and Bear Claws, and pick up that sword to get that cash.

Once we have had a chance to dig into Skyrim Special Edition,  we will come back and confirm if these tips do indeed still work.  However, due to Bethesda not sending out review copies, we will be playing Skyrim Special Edition right alongside everyone else.  Check the full story on that right here.

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