Video Games For Halloween 2016 Edition

Video Games For Halloween 2016 Edition
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So today is Halloween – the spookiest day of the year and you want to celebrate by playing some scary video games, but don’t know what games to pick out.  Well, your in luck as we at Mammoth Gamers have a few that have scared the hell out of us and are likely to do the same for you.  So without further ado, here is some of the staff’s picks for the best Video Games For Halloween 2016 Edition!

Dan Spina

When it comes to horror games, I was once a big fan. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, etc. Now, my tastes have changed but looking back, one game stands out in my mind as a singularly unique experience. In 2002 Silicon Knights released the horror action/adventure game Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Games For Halloween
While other horror games offered a similar experience to classic films, Eternal Darkness took it a step further, attempting to mess with the player themselves with Sanity Effects. As your character’s went mad, the effects seemed to reach through the screen and affect you by playing visual and auditory tricks. And who can forget that scary bathtub scene? I haven’t. To purists, it may not fit the traditional horror model, but Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is my favorite horror game and one of the perfect games for Haloween.

Carly Frith

I have three horror games that I have not only loved but that actually scared me or made me fearful while playing that are perfect games for Halloween.

My number one is Fatal Frame. I couldn’t play the game while I was alone in the house and I had to have the lights on. I never did get to finish it though. I was chased into a closet by a ghost and have never managed to escape. You can still load up my save and find me in that damn closet.


Number two would have to be Outlast. This game scares the crap out of me. Things chasing you in the dark, trying to kill you and you have no weapons at all. The asylum location is a nice touch too.


Last, but not least, Until Dawn. While this game may not be scary in the way the games above are, it certainly has a lasting impression. The whole experience is intense and is like playing out a solid horror flick.


I’ll toss in a couple honorable mentions: Alien Isolation because, well, if you’ve seen the movies you know why. Eternal Darkness because that was a crazy game to play plus they added in things like roaches running across the screen while you’re playing and this made you think that maybe you were losing your mind also.

Mark Kriska

Some may dispute that this is in fact a true game however P.T. (Playable Trailer) is single most terrifying experience of my entire life. This game ended up being a teaser for Silent Hills, but sadly Konami pulled the game form the PlayStation Store after Hideo Kojima left the company. P.T. was the first of it’s kind in the horror world. The game was a walking simulator, and even though this kind of game was made before it was never so chilling as P.T. The whole game was a single walkway that was in a constant loop; when you entered the door you walked back into the walkway from the beginning.


As you confined to solve puzzles you became more and more terrified until it finally happened. You saw Lisa. This is where I will leave you. With Silent Hills canceled and P.T. pulled unfortunately there is no way to experience this game if you haven’t already, unless you find play throughs on YouTube. Nevertheless, there’re plenty of spiritual successors to. Check out the upcoming Allison Road or Visage.

Dale Crowe

My favorite horror game series is Resident Evil. The series has had a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I remember being terrified of heading into one of the first rooms in the original Resident Evil, you know, the room with the cutscene of the zombie eating away at a corpse. But from there on out it has been by far my favorite game series and cannot wait to play the new one in January.




















Jess Johnson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for me folks! Halloween has always held a special place in my heart. Dressing up in costumes getting tons of candy and of course horror movies on every channel. As the horror genre hopped into the realm of video games, players were delighted and terrified as new nightmares and horrors entered their dreams and imaginations.
Here is my picks for best horror games:

Resident Evil
Now before everyone starts to whine let me say just this. I LOVED the first and second game when they originally came out. The fight with the giant spider was terrifying because I am scared of spiders. After beating that horror I spent the next hour rubbing my arms because I thought the small spiders were crawling all over me! My dad bought this gem of a game because he wanted to play it, only to have me play it through and beat it much to his amusement. RE2 continued that terrifying feeling, being trapped in a city with zombies and of course some big guy chasing you through the city only giving you the sound of his heavy footsteps as a warning that he was coming. And who could forget the cinematic introducing the newest horror to the series: The licker. This game holds many fantastic and terrifying memories for me and to this day is still a great horror game.


Deep Fear
Take Resident Evil and put it under the sea. In order to play this fantastic English dubbed game you have to have a Sega Saturn and converter cartridge to change your saturn to a Japanese one. I was glad my Dad and I picked up this amazing gem of a story even if the captions were in Japanese. The claustrophobic conditions, not knowing what lay around the corner or even through the door. Add in the fact you had to worry about oxygen this game was an amazing horror story i would love to see remastered.


Alien Isolation
What can I say about this game that players do not already know? This was a game made by fans of the Alien Franchise for fans. The amazing attention to detail, how the alien moved and acted. Not to mention the extremely terrifying AI robots that would murder you while they were on fire. This game raised the bar for the horror genre. To this day I cannot play this completely, in fact there’s times where I am too terrified to move my character.


Five Night’s At Freddy’s
When I watched a let’s play of this game I laughed at how scared the players were acting. Of course I thought “oh this game can’t be THAT bad!” I was wrong so very very wrong. Like Alien Isolation this is immersive, it sucks you into it’s nightmarish world. Every sound you hear could be Freddy or his friends getting ready to stuff you inside a Fazbear suit. Then the camera going out made my heart race. This game helped take the horror genre to a whole new dimension. The industry was saturated with demons, zombies and serial killers but wholesome animatronics? That opened a door to new terrors and lots of therapy.


Those are some of our favorite Games For Halloween.  Hopefully we’ve given you a few to check out tonight to celebrate Halloween.  What are some of your favorite video games for Halloween?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!