Loot Crate October Unboxing – Spooky Scary!

Loot Crate October Unboxing – Spooky Scary!
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Hello and welcome to my very first unboxing and review of the mega subscription box company Loot Crate!  Let’s have a Loot Crate October unboxing shall we?

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read if you do not want to know what is inside!!!

October’s theme was Horror, which is my favorite genre of anything; movies, video games, comic books ect.  As an avid horror fan and a tremendous geek, I was looking for a top quality box from Lootcrate and I think this month just hits the mark but there is some room for improvement. Let’s take a look inside of this creeptastic box:

So when I opened the box, on the inside cover was an advertisement for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, which is set to air it’s season premiere Sunday, October 23 at 9:00PM.  It was an image of the crew all lined up in front of the new, big bad of the show, Negan, as he contemplates who he is going to smash to pieces in the season premiere.  I personally will be watching the premiere, even though I HATED the season finale last year, as noted in my review here.  Even so, I digress, I thought this was a lame gimmick at first however, it ties into the box itself because when I emptied the contents out of the box, there was a crazy looking zombie mask that you can cut out of the box.  It comes with a elastic band and everything that you need to scare the holy bejesus out of friends and family.  This is a cool feature for this month’s crate, in my opinion but I am not a fan of how much marketing this show has needed over the past 6 months.


The first thing I found when I opened the box was this cutesy plush toy that looked like a demented barber.  Upon closer inspection I saw that this plush was none other than the infamous Leatherface from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  With big dough eyes and someone else’s face stapled on to his own, this little toy is a cool surprise but not a homerun.  I like things like this but as a 26 year old man, it is hard to really LOVE a adorable looking mad serial killer.


The next thing I pulled out of this box of fun was something I really enjoyed.  As a fan of 80’s horror films, Lootcrate really hit the nostalgia memberberry for me here in a wall pennant of Camp Crystal Lake.  As a nod to Friday the 13th, this pennant looks and feels like a solid piece of decor for any nerd.  I enjoy getting cool things I can hang in my podcast studio that help give it any special connection to the horror movie universe. A+ to Lootcrate for this find.


Following the pennant, I got this month’s wearable, which came in the form of a Walking Dead tee shirt.  9 times out of 10 I would love this shirt and wear it out into the world but unfortunately, not this month.  It has the makings of being a really cool shirt as it is a picture of the new villain of the show, Negan, and it says “Negan Sluggers” in a baseball style font.  What ruins this for me is the picture and how it was printed.  It looks cheap and the screen print is shiny, making it an unwearable shirt.  In comparison, there was a Rick and Morty shirt that was in a past crate that I wear out in public quite often because it looks like a tee shirt that was well printed and has enough ambiguity that people do not immediately know what it is.  This Walking Dead shirt is more of an advertisement for the show, not a shirt for the consumer to feel cool wearing.  So I give this my biggest disappointment of the month.  🙁


Next up is an interesting choice for a horror box but I think it pays off.  The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains by Jon Morris is an odd little book filled with terribly drawn, terribly named and awfully executed villains in comic books.  It has some hilarious examples like “Nightmare and Sleepy”, which are two bad names with creepy and disturbing powers like the ability to take off people’s faces.


I like this because it’s different and isn’t something I could get in a free grab bag of random licensed toys.  This book is cool in that it is funny, weird and informative to comic book lovers.  As a person who loves terrible movies like Troll 2, I can get down with this book.



Last but certainly not least in this box is Freddies Glove Chopsticks.  Taken from the classic horror film, Nightmare on Elm Street, these chopsticks are every horror geek’s new utensil to eat sushi with!  Made of stainless steel, these chopsticks have Freddie Krueger’s staple gloves at the top, holding the sticks together and giving them that creepy feel.  I thought these were really neat, however, the practicality and the useage in the real world might be a nightmare…get it?

Overall, I liked this box, I think it included a bunch of really neat things for horror geeks, which is a nice change because the past couple of crates have been so-so.  If I were to give this box a score, I would give it an 8.5/10



  • Box contained a lot for the price this month
  • Horror fans will scream with delight for all of the scary movie stuff
  • Comic Book Villains book was a nice touch


  • The Walking Dead was a big presence in this box but really felt like a marketing gimmick
  • Tee shirt was poorly screen printed and really didn’t impress


Ken Borter

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