The Game Awards 2016 – Mammoth Gamers’ Selections For Best In The Industry

The Game Awards 2016 – Mammoth Gamers’ Selections For Best In The Industry
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Later this week, the video game industry will tune in as Geoff Keighley hosts The Game Awards live!  You can bet that we’ll be watching the show as it airs this coming Thursday, December 1st.  We came together as a team and voted on who we thought deserved to take home the crown for each category.  Here are our picks for each category for The Game Awards 2016!

Best Studio/Game Direction:
Our Pick:  Dice

What Dice did with Battlefield 1 was a crowning achievement and we agree that this studio did an amazing job when it came with the Game Direction of Battlefield 1.


Best Narrative
Our Pick:  Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End

Everything Drake had to go through together with his brother in what could be the final chapter of Uncharted makes this game award selection quite worthy to be our winner.  Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End story was the best of the year, hands down.


Best Art Direction
Our Pick:  Overwatch

The Game Awards would be nothing without art as that is part of the definition of a video game.  It was pretty unanimous when we saw that Overwatch was up for the best art direction in a video game.


Best Music/Sound Design
Our Pick:  Battlefield 1

When you think of the sounds of war, one of the first things that should come to your mind is gunfire.  Explosions.  Screams.  Agony.  Somehow, DICE got this ALL RIGHT when it came to the music and sound design of Battlefield 1.


Best Performance
Our Pick:  Nolan North as Nathan Drake (Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End)

It seems only fitting that Nolan North, the man with many voices in this industry walks away with the best performance at The Game Awards.  He truly is Nathan Drake.


Best Independent Game
Our Pick:  Firewatch

Independent games (or Indie Games as most people call them) are becoming the force and heartbeat behind this industry over the past few years and Campo Santo nailed it with our pick for the best Indie Game.


Best Mobile/Handheld Game
Our Pick:  Pokemon Go

If you ever wanted to be a Pokemon Master, this game made you feel more familiar than anything in the Pokemon World and it brought people closer together, too.


Best VR Game
Our Pick:  Batman: Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR defined exactly what VR games can become and we can’t wait to see what developers can do with this amazing technology now, and into the future.



Best Action Game
Our Pick:  DOOM

DOOM is one of those games that snuck up on some people in 2016.  Non.  Stop.  Action.  That’s all you need to know when it comes to playing DOOM which is why it nailed our nod for best action game.


Best Action/Adventure Game
A Thief’s End

Almost doesn’t seem fair, does it?  When you think of adventure, combined with action we almost all agree that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the undisputed champion.


Best RPG (Role Playing Game)
Our Pick:  Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls series is one of the most difficult video games available but that is what makes the game so great – the challenge and the thrill of victory.  Dark Souls 3 edged out the competition for our pick of best RPG.

Dark Souls 3 cover

Best Fighting Game
Our Pick:  Street Fighter V

Ha-Do-Ken!  Street Fighter is back and the fifth iteration (not counting the sub versions of Street Fighter II, and others) is certainly one of the best.  Great job by the team at Capcom.


Best Sports/Racing Game
Our Pick:  Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is an amazing racing game and it makes it very difficult to argue why it shouldn’t win in this category on Thursday night at The Game Awards.


Best Multiplayer Game
Our Pick:  Overwatch

Overwatch is the kind of game that can be played hours upon hours among friends.  There’s no wondering here upon why it is our choice for the best multiplayer game of 2016.


Game Of The Year

As you know, there can only be one winner when it comes to GOTY.  And so without further ado, it is our pleasure to give this year’s game of the year to:

Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End is a crowning achievement in video games.  It is a game that tugged at every emotion whether it was happiness, joy, laughter, and sadness.  It’s filled with action, drama, and romance.  The entire team should be very proud of what they’ve achieved whether they win on Thursday night or not.  Congratulations to Uncharted 4:  A Thief’s End – Mammoth Gamers 2016 Game Of The Year!

What are your selections and what is your 2016 Game Of The Year?  Let us know in the comments below and for more coverage on The Game Awards 2016, you already know where you should be!