Holiday Wish List 2016

Holiday Wish List 2016
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It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner!  There are a lot of gifts we’ve got our eyes on this year and some members of Mammoth Gamers have put together their top picks for this holiday season.  Here’s our Holiday Wish List 2016 Edition!

Dale Crowe

Another holiday season is has arrived, which means bye bye bank account.  While you are attempting to keep money in your bank account, here are what I think will be the Top 5 games to buy this holiday season:
  • The Last Guardian (PS4) The long (very long) awaited Sony Interactive Entertainment title has FINALLY been released, and all these years of waiting have finally paid off.

The Last Guardian

  • Forza Horizon 3 (XB1) Microsoft Studios have released their third Forza Horizon title this holiday season and it looks amazing!
  • Battlefield 1 (PS4, XB1, PC) Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, World War I is back and it looks fantastic! It has been too long…

  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4, XB1) Square Enix has done it again, giving their fans what they want, and that is another Final Fantasy game.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Special Edition (PS4, XB1, PC) I personally never played the original, but I heard only good things about it, so I can only imagine what the Special Edition holds.
  • Side Note- Resident Evil VII, buy it in January. 

Ken Borter

This holiday season has a ton to offer but this year there are a couple of items that really stand out on my nerdy wish list!

Batman the Animated Series Funko POPS!

Releasing the week of December 11th, Funko POP! is releasing a new line of Batman toys, specifically targeted around the Batman Animated Series.  These 6 gorgeous POPS! look really great and capture the spirit that came with this amazing animated series. Personally, my favorite cartoon of all time, this is a must have for any Batman fan.  

holiday wish list

Pokemon Sun/Moon

This is high up there for any gamer looking to get back into the handheld gaming world.  Pokemon is crazy popular right now and the latest installment has not disappointed.  Taking place in the Aloha Region, Pokemon has come back in a big way in creating a fun, playful and challenging experience.  Pick this up ASAP if you’re a Pokemon fan and if you’re not, this a cool installment to get into it all.

pokemon sun

NES Classic

I know.  It’s sold out everywhere you look.  But it looks like Nintendo has heard the cries and we will soon see a huge shipment of these bad boys right before the holiday season.  Pre-loaded with 30 games, this $60 micro-console is a cool blast from the past that even your mom would enjoy.  Check out our review of the NES Classic here!

nes classic

Carly Frith

It’s difficult to choose the top 3 items I wish I could get for Christmas. If I could choose anything at all, regardless of price, it would be these items:

A gaming chair and no, I am not looking at the trendy, racer-esque chairs that have become so popular. I want the Steelcase Gesture. It’s around $1,000 but the reviews are glowing. Plus, as someone on the petite side, most gaming chairs are designed with men in mind and they just aren’t as comfortable as they should be.  Of course, I’d need something to go with it….:

A high end gaming PC. My laptop just doesn’t cut it any longer. I need a gaming PC that is spec’d out and top-of-the-line. I want a PC that would make the biggest gaming nerd weep with happiness. Some flashy neon and custom case wouldn’t hurt either.

Like any rabid gamer, I have the usual list of games I want but don’t own yet: Gears of War 4, BioShock Collection, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dead Rising 4….that wishlist of games you want but never get around to getting because adulthood requires money first.  Honorable mention would be my ultimate game wish: EA releasing a re-mastered Mass Effect Collection. Oh yeah, baby.

I am going to add a fourth item – a new Xbox One controller. I need one that fits my small hands more comfortably without getting the pain in my middle fingers from gripping the traditional one. I have heard Scuf controllers are wonderful and more comfortable, especially for long gaming sessions.

If only Santa would bring these and put them under my tree this year.

We at Mammoth Gamers hope that you all have a wonderful holiday and that you all receive everything on your holiday wish list for 2016!