Asian Films You Should Watch

Asian Films You Should Watch
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Asian films are often cast aside here in America. Most people, as one person said when he found out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was subtitled, who wants to read a movie? Classy, right? However, if you’re looking for some of the best comedy, drama or even horror – look no further than your Amazon Prime or Netflix catalog.



Shaolin Soccer:

An adaptation of the popular manga, this action comedy tells the story of a once amazing soccer (or football if you live outside the US) player who injured his leg and is now reduced to a being a janitor. He comes across a curious young man who wants to spread the word of Kung Fu and how it can be applied to everyday life. This comedy is over the top with humor and doesn’t lack excitement.


Monster Hunt:

A curious title that became the highest grossing film in China, tells the tale of a monsters who live separate from humans. When their good king dies at the hands of an evil monster, the monster queen pregnant, with a child prophesied to mend the divide between human and monster, flees to the human world. She passes on her egg to Tiayan Song, a mayor of a remote village, causing the young man to partake on an amazing adventure. This movie is another slapstick comdey with cute monsters that tells an amazing story. If your kids are willing to read subtitles, or you can find a dubbed version, this movie is also kid friendly.


White Melody of Death:

A dark look into the world of Kpop and what it takes to be a star. A group called the Pink Dolls is trying to break into the world of Pop music but is struggling. One day, Eun-jin discovers a tape hidden in the floorboards of their dance studio containing a song never heard before. The management gets the song modernized, the group performs it, and is catapulted to success overnight. However, odd things begin to happen, The management decides the song is best as a solo act and the girls they choose to be the soloists meet horrific accidents. If you were a fan of The Grudge or The Ring give this title a try.


A Thai horror film that will give you chills even after the end. Tun, a photographer discovers strange shadows and what looks like faces within his photographs. He begins experiencing odd neck pain. As his friends start to commit suicide, Tun and his girlfriend Jane discover it is the ghost of Natre – a shy, young girl who attended Tun’s college and died. As Jane unravels the mystery it becomes more dangerous and chilling. If you love a good thriller check this title out but don’t watch it before you go to sleep.



Queen of the Night:

A Korean RomCom about a timid man Young-Soo. One he day falls for a popular and cute girl Hee-Joo, who works at a sandwich shop. The girl falls for him and of course, they get married. Things seem to be perfect until Young-Soo starts to learn about Hee-Joo’s wild past. This Rom-Com is full of laughs, tears and plenty of aw moments so give it try.

A Werewolf Boy:

WARNING TISSUES REQUIRED! This movie tells the story of Kim Sun-yi – an elderly woman who is called back to her family’s house in the country to recover from an illness. The story is a flashback of Sun-yi’s youth and a feral boy they discovered living the in country house. Assuming he is an orphan of the Korean War, her mother adopts the boy and names him Chul-soo. Sun-yi begins to discover that Chul-soo isn’t normal. He acts more like a dog than he does a human being, so she sets about training him like a dog and teaching him how to be a human. Eventually the two being to fall in love causing drama within their country community as Chul-soo’s supernatural abilities come to light. The ending is bittersweet and will leave you in tears.



Battle Royale:

The basis for the Hunger Games Series and was adapted from a manga series. In Japan, the unemployment and high school dropout rates are extremely high. In an effort to combat both problems the government puts in place a lottery system they call Battle Royale. The lottery is made up of groups of high school class groups who, when selected, are taken to a remote island. They are given five days to kill one another and are fitted with explosive collars which will explode should there be more than one survivor on day five or if a student should wander into one of the island’s hot zones. Unlike The Hunger Games, there is no flash or pageantry before the main event and the students are given a random weapon to use to survive the five days. This movie has many twists and turns but do yourself a favor and avoid the sequel at all costs.

The Tower:

A Korean take on the American disaster movie The Towering Inferno. During A Christmas party, a luxury condo skyscraper meets disaster as one of the helicopters crashes into a tower causing a massive fire. The movie follows several characters as they struggle to escape from the deadly fire and collapsing building. There is plenty of drama in this movie as well so keep some tissues handy.

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