Jess’ Games of 2017

Jess’ Games of 2017

So long 2016, we won’t be missing you because the games of 2017 are just around the corner.

Here is a list of games I am looking forward to:


Nier Automata:


I will admit I haven’t played the previous games but this does look extremely interesting. After playing the demo I can say this is going to be one immersive RPG. They also added an anti-pervert move where the main character will kick away the camera when someone tries to get an up skirt shot.


Horizon Zero Dawn:

I have been looking forward to this game since E3. It looks amazing and I was even more impressed when I learned that Kojima’s Death Stranding is running on the very same game engine.


Friday the 13th: The Game:

I have been intrigued about this game since it’s announce trailer. After watching some YouTubers live-streaming the beta I am really looking forward to playing Jason and hunting down those bad councilors.


Little Nightmares:

A game that is almost a throwback to the early Tim Burton days when he was actually good at inducing terror. There is nothing little about this title. It is sure to be a nightmare fueled game that I will more than likely be recording for my YouTube channel.



Another one announced at E3. With old school animation and the prohibition area comedy; this seems to capture it all and will be a challenge to players as well.



I was a die hard fan of the Panzer Dragoon series. I spent my entire spring break playing the four disk Panzer Dragoon Saga and loved every minute of it. It seems gaming companies missed what spark Panzer had and created games with dragon companions that were just utterly lackluster. One example was the PS release Lair which crashed and burned due to bad controls. When I saw the gameplay trailer for this game I was impressed and so I will be purchasing this game when it is released.

So there you have it, the games that I am looking forward to in 2017. What does your list of “must haves” for 2017 look like?

Jess Johnson

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.

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