The Best RPG Dice?

The Best RPG Dice?
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Dice are the staple for tabletop games. They come in many shapes, colors, styles, and sizes from a wide variety of different manufactures.  Now every other day many people ask, what exactly are the best RPG dice to get? What is the difference,they are just small pieces of plastic right?  Well, yes and no.  Depending on the cut and quality of the dice, will determine how the dice rolls or if it favors one side or another potentially skewing the rolls.

The dice that I will be looking at are considered “RPG Dice” and are a set of seven dice. A four sided dice (D4), a six sided (D6), an eight sided (d8) a ten sided (D10), a twelve side (D12) a twenty sided (D20) and a percentile dice which is a ten sided counted in multiples of 10. There are others, however they are unique to various games and not considered core dice.

Now while there are more dice websites and manufacturers than I would care to count, I will only cover the main ones that I have seen or personally dealt with.  This will not be anywhere close to a complete list.


Chessex dice are a staple in the tabletop community.  They were the first set of dice I ever purchased, and have purchased more than I probably should have. They for the most part are evenly balanced, solidly made, and just simply feel good to roll. I have never come across a bad set of dice from them.

They also come in an extremely wide array of colors;, it is simple to find a set that matches whatever character you are playing.

Pound of Dice:

This option gets its own category due to the fact that the question always comes up about buying dice in bulk.  There are two large companies, WizKids, and Chessex that sell RPG dice in bulk bags.  These dice are usually slightly lesser quality than the kind you would buy in an individual set.  It also is a mismatch of dice, so you are not guaranteed to get a matching set of all the same color. These are also solid options for getting started. If you just want a spare bag of dice.


Disclaimer: There are many other companies that sell dice in bulk, I have simply never dealt with any of them other than Chessex and Wizkids.


The Q-Workshop RPG dice are some of the more unique ones out there, for the simple fact that they come with a wide array of engravings.  If you would like dice with dragons on them, they have them.  If you want some dice with elven or dwarven script, they have those as well.  They look absolutely fantastic, and are a great addition to any dice collection.

For the most part I have never had a major issue with them overall.  The only thing that I have noticed on three of maybe ten sets that I have seen, is that the twenty sided dice is a little heavy on one side and it is always a different side depending on the set.  For example, my dragon dice I own, I can rarely roll high on it, as it always prefers to roll with the high numbers down.

On a side note, they also have a very nice set of metal dice, that will actually cause damage if you are not careful with them.  So while they are extremely nice to own, they are dangerous.

Skull Splitter Dice:

Every single time that I look on Amazon for anything, I somehow come across the Skull Splitter Dice.  They have some fantastic and gorgeous metal RPG dice sets that I plan to purchase sometime down the road.  I have seem them in the wild, and they are beautiful.  While I have not had the chance to roll them yet, I am hoping to pick a set up in the not to distant future. 

All of the above RPG dice are available on Amazon.  But remember, whether you are buying your first, or thirtieth set of dice, buy one that speaks to you, because they will be both your weapon, and best friend while adventuring.  

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