Five Online Tools for A Tabletop Dungeon Master

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Being a Game Master (or Dungeon Master depending on the game) is a large responsibility.  It is up to you to create a world for your players to explore, interact, and live in.  Thanks to the power of the Internet, finally catching up to the imagination of the tabletop community, there are many online tools that can make running a game easier.

5.The Homebrewery

The Homebrewery is an amazing tool to help create nicely formatted documents and pages for your game.  It features a variety of formatting, from monster information blocks, to various tables.

It has many useful tools. If you are playing Dungeons & Dragons, it is able to create documents that look extremely authentic to those found in the various books. It allows you to save, print, and share your own creations.

4. Inkarnate

Inkarnate is a wonderful browser based map maker that allows players to create their lands. It has a number of tools that allow you to create continents and then fill them with towns, caves, trees, and much more.

The style of maps you are able to create are extremely nice.  They are perfect for printing on a normal sheet of paper and having it look like an older map.  However, you are unable to expand them and make posters out of them, for now at least.

3. DonJon

Now DonJon seems like a random name for an online tool, but it is one of the better tools out there. There are many options on the site ranging from Dungeon Builders, to loot generators, and a name generator. 

I have primarily have used the site for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, known as 5e.  From experience, the loot generators are fantastic as it gives you the exact pages the items are on.  However, there are many tools for various different Tabletop games.

2. Android Spellbook App.

If you have an Android enabled phone or device, there is a fantastic app which will allow you to quickly reference spells at the push of a button for 5e.  It allows you to create characters in the app and select their spells, calculate their modifiers, and even how many spells they have left per day.  It is a fantastic tool for anyone who needs a quick reference for spells.

1. Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club is most likely one of the most well known tools around. It is a encounter builder that allows you to put in your number and their level, and gives you a list of monster/combinations of monsters that they can fight.

It is a very handy tool for any Dungeon Master to use.  Though it is unfortunately only available to be used with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

There are hundreds of other tools that exist around the Internet, for the level of technology has finally caught up with the imagination of gamers.  Do you have a favorite tool for running a Tabletop game? Let us know in the comments below.

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