Our Favorite Female Characters in Video Games

Our Favorite Female Characters in Video Games
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Female Characters in Video Games

In honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, we wanted to share a few words about the standout female characters in video games that we love. As with any form of media, the characters, though fictional, have entertained us just as much as they have inspired us. Here are a handful of our favorite female characters in video games!

Yuna Final Fantasy X, Female Characters in Video Games Ken Borter – Yuna, Final Fantasy X

One of my favorite female characters is Yuna from FFX. She was strong and weak at the same time. Always trying to do the right thing and even when she knew sacrificing her life was the only way to help the world, she still continued. On top of that, I put over 200 hours into that game and really felt for all the characters. Hands down one of the best female characters in a game!

Chie Satonaka Persona 4, Female Characters in Video Games

Rich Cassel – Chie Satonaka, Persona 4

My personal favorite female character in video games would have to be Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 and its revisions and spinoffs. Her fierce devotion to her friends, relentless training, love of kung fu movies, and overall personality make her a joy to interact with in Persona 4, and her fast, brutal moveset exudes her strength and ferocity in the Persona 4: Arena spinoff. Her Persona, an extension of herself, just reeks of coolness with its Bruce Lee kung fu motif, and seeing its second form from maxing out her social link is probably one of the hypest moments I’ve had in an RPG in a long time.

Aeris Final Fantasy VII, Female Characters in Video Games

Laura Mazerall – Aeris, Final Fantasy VII

From the moment she appeared on screen for the first time in Final Fantasy VII, Aeris had my attention and her story arc only made my heart grow fonder. At that point in my gaming history I had little exposure, but I had seen Lara Croft and Jill Valentine in action. I had an idea of what a strong female character in a video game was supposed to look like. Aeris shattered that mold for me early on in my time as a gamer. Unlike other female characters in video games at that time, she was not overly sexualized or gritty. She was a feminine fighter with a good heart. Pink dress, selling flowers, and hair tied up in a bow, Aeris was not the heroine that I had been expecting my young “tomboy” self to connect with. Yet twenty years later, she still holds the title of being my favorite game character due to her compassion and grace under fire.

Zelda The Legend Of Zelda, Female Characters in Video Games

Albert Perkins – Princess Zelda, The Legend of Zelda

Born in royalty, Zelda is the princess of the land of Hyrule but has an even higher destiny. Forever entwined by the Triforce of Wisdom she helped restore the land of Hyrule to its peaceful times together with Link. Zelda is a character that worked in the background as well working with Link disguised as Sheik. Bottom line, there is a lot more to Zelda than just being a royal princess.

Alloy Horizon Zero Dawn, Female Characters in Video Games

Mark Kriska – Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

She is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen in a video game. She is strong, fearless, a born leader, and confident. I also commend Guerrilla games for making a game full of strong, un-sexualized women in very commanding and dominant roles while also never bringing it into question. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced true equality from gender, race, or sexual orientation. The game is truly stunning.

The Mammoth Gamers staff would like to thank all of the women in our lives, personally and professionally, for all that they have done and congratulate them on all that they have accomplished. Thank you!

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