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First Look At Survivor Horror Game Observer – PAX East 2017

At PAX East I got the opportunity to check out a game called Observer.  Observer is a survival horror game created by Bloober from Poland. Set in 2089 Poland, Observer follows the life of Dan;  a detective looking into a series of violent crimes. During this time, the world is at war with technology, as it is instilled in everyone’s life and even in their bodies. Because of this “digital plague”, violence and drug use is at an all-time high. Dan uses his technology to help solve crimes and has the ability to use augmented vision to see more than your typical person.

When I played, I was using a high end computer, which obviously made the graphics look absolutely gorgeous. The environment looked amazing, and the gameplay was incredibly smooth. As I went through the demo, I had to figure out some of the mysteries of this strange future. Using the augmented vision, I examined pictures, IDs, blood, and various technologies. The more I explored, I found reality and perception changing around me and the environment changed all of the time. The spooky noises, combined with the already ominous surroundings made for a really freaky experience. Observer reminded me a bit of Outlast in terms of the scares and creepiness. Overall, Observer seems like it will be a hit when it drops in the summer. However, this cerebral freaky game is currently under construction and might only be available for PC for a while. If you’re at PAX this weekend be sure to check it out and if not, look for it this summer!  For more on Observer and all things PAX East 2017, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers all weekend long for exclusive coverage!

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