Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Review

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Review
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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is the fourth entry into the Momodora series, and action packed 2D side-scrolling platformer from Playism.  It features dodge mechanics, tons of items, and some interesting combos.   The player takes control of Kaho, a priestess on a quest to stop a curse that has taken over the land.

The first thing I noticed when is started the game, is that it dropped you right into the action, with little explanation of the story and little dialogue.  The story seems to almost take a backseat to the gameplay and feel of the game, stepping away from the “tradition” of a true narrative.

The controls were easy and extremely traditional, which was a little surprising as this game is traditionally a PC title, and some companies seem to have trouble with the ports. But Playism hit it right on the head with this one, with alternative controls to boot, it was simple enough to get the hang of the game.  Mastering it was another story.  I struggled on the hard mode for a while, as I decided to test myself.  However I quickly found myself needing to drop the difficulty due to dying in one hit from most enemies.

Kaho attacks with a combination of a sacred leaf,which behaves just like a sword or dagger, and a bow and arrow, which while you are able to fire at an increased rate and does less damage than the leaf.  Though you are able to charge the bow to increase the damage, and shoot three arrows in a spread instead of just the one.  Though if you want all of the achievements, you will have to complete a run through of the game without killing a single minion.  This is where the dodge roll comes into effect.  When you dodge, you are able to both go through enemies, as well as not take any damage from them.

While there are a number of items in the game, they are trivial, as most of them are consumables like healing items, and temporary status effects such as 50% increased damage.  Or passive effects, such as one that gives you more treasure.

The soundtrack of this game was fantastic. The overall feel of it made the experience of the game, it felt as though you were going through the story yourself.  I am a huge proponent of game soundtracks and music, and they certainly hit a homerun with this one.  While probably about half of the game takes place in darker places, the soundtrack really sells the experience.  It is my opinion, that in an age with game soundtracks being on Spotify, and getting full album releases, this truly stands up to the plate.

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

While there is little to no true exploration in the game, it moves along quite nicely and I never really felt lost while playing it.  Which I was a huge fan of.

There are a few things in the game which frustrated me.  For example, several enemies remain hidden until you walk by, or they attack you and in some cases, kill you in one second.  Another thing is the different kinds of drops – there are some areas where you are able to drop to the floor and drop to another level of the map. However, there are sections that appear like you can drop down, but quickly discover you only die when you drop.

Overall, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight was a solid experience.  I truly enjoyed running through this game, even though the story was mostly atmospheric, rather than an overarching narrative.   I would recommend this for any fan of 2D scroller games, as it is a worth addition to the genre.

Final Score:  9/10



+ Great Soundtrack        + Enjoyable Gameplay

+ Easy To Follow           + Good Controller Design


– Easy to Die By Accident      – Hard was a little too difficult (For Me Atleast)

–  Awkward Invisible Enemies

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