Telltale Games The Walking Dead – Above The Law Review

Telltale Games The Walking Dead – Above The Law Review
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After the first two episodes of Season 3 of Telltale Games The Walking Dead, I was ready for anything to happen.  After receiving a lot of backstory and development between the relationships with Javier, his brother David, and David’s wife Kate in episodes 1 and 2, things only got more complicated for the Garcia family in episode 3; especially with Javier and David. Clementine is thrown into the mix as well, having direct relationships with the Garcia family making decisions in this episode of Telltale Games The Walking Dead all the more critical.

While I played ‘Above The Law’, I immediately realized that this episode was going to be all about trust.  The highest levels of trust that I observed in this episode were the trust between the Garcia brothers, David & Javi, the trust between Kate and David and the trust between Clementine and David, and the trust between David and The New Frontier.  I’ll be discussing these trusts in depth and how they impact the game this episode without spoiling too much of the storyline.

David & Javi’s relationship has always been complicated in Season 3, and that is no different in Episode 3.  David comes off as someone who cares about his brother but his actions and thoughts speak otherwise. Too many times in Season 3 I found myself questioning David’s actions and calls with The New Frontier as it directly related to Javi and his friends Trip and Jesus.  The game gives you the opportunity to question these actions that David takes through conversation though I personally tried to avoid these argumentative responses as I am the type of person who likes to avoid confrontation.  I would love to replay these results again with a more provocative approach to see David’s reactions to his little brother standing up for himself.

David & Javier are at odds again in “Above The Law”.

Kate, already wounded, wants no part of The New Frontier and believes that they are dangerous.  She wants out of their group and wants to be back on the road, but of course things are complicated between the love triangle between herself, David, and Javi.  She clearly isn’t in love with her husband anymore, but can’t bring herself to reveal this to David.  I can foresee this becoming a large scale issue later in the game that may ultimately become a life/death situation between Javi and David.  I see David as a pistol who would snap and turn on his brother in an instant.

Depending on the circumstances and decisions that you have made in the past, the trust and relationship between Javi and Clementine is stronger than David and his own brother, Javi.  Clem finds herself opening up to Javi more and more, letting him in on how things were handled when she was a part of a group (avoiding spoilers), and had AJ along with her to take care of.Javi confides with Clementine and the both of them seem to really trust one another.

Clem always there to lend a helping hand…err – bat.

Meanwhile, David has clearly lost control of complete management and ownership of The New Frontier.  The New Frontier questions him and one of David’s own colleague’s within the leadership has other ideas on how things should be ran and how to handle supplies.  The group tends to trust this leader more which you could imagine leads to more trouble for David.

Overall, Telltale Games The Walking Dead ‘Above The Law’ was a very intense episode with trust, and deceit at every corner. The slogan seems to go “give someone an inch, and they expect a mile in return”.  It will be interesting to see if this case continues and if it does, what will the breaking point be.  Telltale Games The Walking Dead ‘Above The Law’ is available now on all major platforms.  For more on The Walking Dead, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.


+ Engaging storyline and conversation
+ Trust and deceit leading to added drama
+ Backstory continues to build things out


– Episode was a bit short

Final Score:  8.5/10

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