Marvel Announces New Warriors TV Line Up

Marvel Announces New Warriors TV Line Up
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Over the weekend Marvel announced the lineup for the up and coming “New Warriors” live action television series.  “New Warriors”  is Marvel’s first attempt at a comedic live action show that will feature six young people with superpowers who live and work together.

Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is gaining popularity recently with her inclusion in the Marvel Collectors Corps box several months ago.  Her superpowers are…different.  She has all the powers of a squirrel and all the powers of a girl.  She is acrobatic, strong, and can talk to squirrels.


Mister Immortal (Craig Hollis)

Mister Immortal

Mister Immortal is quite an accurate title, he cannot die.  If he is injured he heals at a normal rate.  However if he is ever killed, he returns to life almost instantly.


Night Thrasher(Dwayne Taylor)

Knight Thrasher

Night Thrasher has no superpowers to speak of. He is a local celebrity with his very own YouTube channel.  He is trained in various martial arts disciplines and has the know-how to build various devices that assist him.


Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)


Speedball is from New York and grew up watching the Avengers do their work. So naturally when he learns that he is able to hurl balls of kinetic energy, he knows his true calling in life.


Microbe (Zack Smith)


Microbe has a very unique ability, the ability to speak to germs.  On a near telepathic level, he can instruct germs to do whatever he wishes. They will help, hurt, or give him information on where you have been.  Your worst nightmare, is his biggest weapon.


Debrii (Deborah Fields)


Unlike Microbe who is nearly a telepath Debrii also has telepathic powers, however hers lie in the area of telekinetics.  With her powers she is able to move things, including herself with nothing but a mere thought

New Warriors launches sometime in 2018 with the network ordering ten 30-minute episodes for a first season!

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