Pen to Table: My Custom Dungeons and Dragons World Part 2

Pen to Table: My Custom Dungeons and Dragons World Part 2
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Running your own Dungeons and Dragons game may seem like a daunting task, and it truthfully is.  However it is also extremely rewarding if you are a creative person.  The ability to create your own world, share it with other people and have them explore it is truly remarkable.

In my last piece I told the first part of the world history of my own personal Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I run with a group of friends.  The story begins with a band of adventurers coming to a new land, as many tales do.  Here dragons roamed freely, unlike in many other places of the known world.  As time progressed the island began to populate, and cities began to form. However with great growth comes the possibility of unfortunate events.

The story continues not with joy, but with sorrow, as criminals plot to slay the dragons. The dragons would then take preemptive measures and attack first. Our story below picks up with the beings of incredible skill that will be thrust into greatness they are not prepared for.

The Future Heroes:

Over the next twenty years war rages across the land, thousands lose their lives, and the dragons suffer great loses.  Heroes arise amongst the armies, Kamora Malvain whom single handedly took on four dragons.  Awata’ki Dyethra, who was born of a seamstress and a blacksmith, had the touch of Kord from birth.  From birth it seemed he was protected more than other babies.   Awata’ki was able to do feats that no other child was able to.  As he grew, his power became apparent. Calling down beams of pure light from the sky to strike down his foes, and heal his friends.  He soon forged himself a set of armor which infused with the holy light.   He became a shining beacon on the field of battle, bolstering his allies, and striking fear into those who have never felt fear before.

Among Kamora’s troupe of magic wielders, one stood out among the rest; a recent addition to the island itself, and among the first of his race to walk the land. Arrius, though he would later go on to be known by his virtue name of Blur, was a tiefling wizard. He possessed an uncanny sense for the tactics of Dragons, quickly rose to fight by Kamora’s side.   

Only legends remain of how Yovir OnyxBlade, a scoundrel, a drunk and a thief, came to stand among the ranks of Kamora, Blurr, and Awata’ki. However, they say that one day, a young large dragon, as dark as the blackest night sky landed in the center of town and began the destruction of WillowWill, a former town on the outskirts of the claimed land.  

The dragon rampaged for hours slaying all that opposed it, however throughout the destruction, a small part of dwarves, humans and elves began to gather in a tunnel system under the town, used by the local thieves.  From the tunnel emerged Yovir, and an elf, which by all accounts was a walking tree wielding the power of the moon itself, flanked by several others, they took the dragon head on.  Shortly after, the dragon laid dead, and the makeshift party victorious.   Word began to spread of their victory; Yovir and the Elf, who would later become known as Evandahl, took their place among the legends.

Intrigued by the rumors, Kamora, Blurr, and Awata’ki sought out Yovir and Evandahl, and birthed what would be eventually called The Heroes of Ascendance.

The War of Yes’Dara:

The war raged throughout the land for ten years, tens of thousands of the explorers armies perished, while they claimed the lives of three dozen dragons.  Over the years, Kamora, Blurr, Awata’Ki, Yovir, and Evandahl established themselves as great warriors of the land.  Brave and powerful, these warriors fought for years against the dragons. Together were responsible for bringing down over a dozen themselves.

During the final years of the war, it is said that the largest of all dragons, an ancient blue dragon named Yes’dara ventured forth from her lair for the first time in hundreds of years, much to the dismay of the explorers.  Yes’dara personally witnessed many battles between the heroes, their armies, and her kind.  Recognizing their growing power, Yes’dara began to formulate the plan that would end the war.  

Upon completion, Yes’dara and the oldest of each dragon wing approached the camp of the explorers.   Frightened, they gathered arms and rushed to defend themselves.  However the troops would not be needed, for the dragons landed a mile away and awaited the heroes.

The Final Meeting:

Upon arriving at the hilltop, the heroes approached the behemoths that were ten ancient dragons.  As they arrived, Yes’dara greeted the heroes, and explained that she feared for the survival of her race. As for as many of the two legs as they have killed, twice that many have taken their place.  
On that hilltop she presented an offer of peace with the heroes, with the stipulation that once done, the heroes and their descendants would never harm a dragon again In return, the dragons of the land would leave, never to return to Trassel.  To honor their pledge the dragons presented the heroes with five orbs.  Each orb, infused with the power of one of the ancient dragons, to grant the heroes great power.  Should the need ever arise to defend itself from dragon kind again.

With the gifts bestowed, the ancient dragons and two dozen others took flight.  They soon vanished westward, over the horizon, never to set foot on the continent again.

Heroes of Ascendance:

With the dragons flying westward, the heroes arrived at camp, to a thousand questions, cries of joy for victory and sorrow for those they have lost rung through the air.   The war had ended at long last and the First Age of Trassel dawns.

Kamora, Blurr, Awata’ki, Yovir and Evandahl were summoned to the city that would become Roddenhiem where they are declared the Heroes of Ascendance.  From here, the heroes would travel far and wide doing great deeds, and slaying evil foes.

Kamora would venture deep into the forest, taking with her many of her kind and would form the city of Quam’Till, home of the elves.  Awata’ki would go on to assist in the founding of the holy city of Talakar.   Blurr would travel east, and build the city of Yar’ol. There he would establish “The Order of Nau” a secretive order of magic users.  Evandahl would return to his home city in wilderness for a time. He would then travel Trassel, observing the passage of time. Yovir, would go on to create the founding of Trollhiem, home of the dwarves. However he would eventually pass the torch, as he joined Evandahl to travel the land.

The Passing of Ascendance:

Time passes and so do the lives of all mortal races.  Over the years, the heroes accomplish many great tasks.  Evandahl, and Awata’ki would face down a terrible fiend, defeating him, and pushing him back to the the Shadowfell.  These two great heroes would never return. Legends say they locked away the creature, and simply stayed to ensure he never returned.  Others, tell tales that Awata’ki was seen years after, wandering the streets of Talakar.  Blurr never emerged from the tower he built on Yar’ol. Though many wizards and sorcerers would receive invitations to join him on the island, many did.  Many attempted to gain entry to the island without invitation. However no matter how long they sailed they never grew closer, so they stopped trying.  Saddened by the loss of his friend, Yar’ol ventured into the depths of Trollhiem. He would never again leave the city for the remainder of his days.

The Days After The Heroes:

No one truly knows what happened to the four of the Orbs given to the Heroes of the realm, or what they truly did.  There are reports of them granting enormous power to the wielder. Though those are mostly legends told by old bards these days.  Others say the orbs were dragon eggs given to the heroes to hatch their own dragons. The they would raise as their own so that there would be protection should war breakout again. 

The only known orb to exist resides in the center of the city of Talakar, protected by an entire army of paladins and militia, behind a glass case surrounded in a holy aura. It is perhaps one of the most well protected places on the entire continent.  

The Birth Of Civilization:

With the help of the Heroes of Ascendance, the great cities of Trassel that we know today began to slowly rise to power, though no centralized government was formed, and no king was chosen.  It was agreed that the cities would govern and protect themselves. Though in times of great need,they would band together to defeat a common foe.  Though to date, this has never happened.  Slowly civilization started flowing eastward, spreading and building.

Roddenhiem – The great port city rose to the west, boasting 100 foot tall walls that jut into the bay, creating a fortified port. Roddenhiem plays host to many great features, such as the Great Library, the School of Magic and the Bardic College. It also features the greatest fighting ring in all the land, “The Pit of Might” where beings come from all over the world to participate.

Talakar – The most holy site in all of the land, founded by Awata’ki himself. It holds Temple, one of the most beautiful places on all of the continent. Known for it’s anti-magic attitude, and properties, magic users tend to stay away from the central districts of the city.  Instead they prefer to stay in the select markets where magic is allowed Or the Awata’ki Bazzar, the outside shopping district that extends the entire length of the wall. In the Bazzar as long as you have the coin you are able to obtain anything you wish. Slaves, Assassins, magic items, cursed items, it has something for everyone.

Kragshead – If the land of Trassel had any sort of formal government, Kragshead would be the capital city.  Founded some 300 years after the Heroes of Ascendance the city stands tall with its tiered walls, and well-fortified defenses. Home to a number of merchant guilds, the Hunters Mark, a hunter’s guild, and some of the finest Blacksmiths in the land, the city itself is a beacon of what Trassel is.  At the center peak of the city sits the Council of Kragshead, a body of elected leaders that rule the city, and the surrounding areas.

Trollhiem – Founded nearly a hundred years after the war of Yes’Dara , the Dwarves of the Kornagi clan came across the Grey Peak Mountains and were instantly in awe.  It was here that Thoraun Ditark, King of the Kornagi clan decided would be the new home of the Dwarves. So they dug, and kept digging for years, eventually hollowing out a large portion of the mountain range.  The Grey Peak Moutains were so rich with minerals, the dwarves felt that they were now an easy target for theft.  This led to the construction of a great vault.  The Vault of Thoraun has become a symbol of the Dwarven strength as no outsider is certain how deep the vault goes.

Quam’till – The city of Quam’til is one of the first cities of Trassel.  Among the first cities built by the first adventurers. It was the only city that was once ravaged by dragons to be rebuilt.  Mixing with the native elves, those that came with the adventurers used a mixture of magic, and time to grow a great forest of trees.  While most beings prefer to live on the ground, the city of Quam’til exists in the trees and uses a system of pulleys and magic to ascend to the tree tops.


Thus ends the backstory of my custom Dungeons and Dragons world Trassel. These stories are common place in my world.  Any bard at any tavern would be singing these tales.  Current day Trassel is about 800 years from the end of the above story, and features a host of my friends and their various characters.  I tell these stories in hopes that I would inspire others to create their own worlds.  That crafting these worlds is worth the effort that you put into them

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